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Science  27 Nov 2009:
Vol. 326, Issue 5957, pp. 1287
DOI: 10.1126/science.326.5957.1287-a

Muscular Dystrophy Array

The Cytosure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) array features a 4 x 44k format and dense probe coverage of the DMD gene region. It offers confidence in detecting deletions and duplications within the DMD gene. The CytoSure DMD array has undergone a process of empirical testing and optimization to provide probe sets of high sensitivity and specificity. Its average exon probe spacing of 10 bp (106 bp within introns) ensures excellent resolution. As a result, the entire DMD gene is covered on a single 44,000 feature array, which enables four full arrays per slide, maximizing cost efficiency by reducing the cost per sample.

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Wellplate for Nanoscale Volumes

The Mitos Wellplate holds small reagent droplets or small groups of cells. With a 40 x 40 array of nanoliter wells, each standard plate has a well volume of 0.26 nl to enable experiments to occur using nanoscale volumes. Covering a small area of 10 x 10 mm, the array of wells is designed to fit onto a microscope slide and under a standard coverslip. The wet etching process provides a surface of roughness of less than 5 nm, enabling easy access for microscopy systems. With a depth of 2 mm, the wellplate provides excellent optical transmission for clear observation of each well. Because each well can be etched to a range of depths and diameters, the well can be customized to offer alternate volumes. For more complex geometries, two layers can be used.

RNA Isolation

The new RNAzol RT is a single-step method that isolates total RNA with messenger RNA and small RNA (10–200 bases) in separate fractions. It provides higher RNA yield and quality than previous single-step reagents. There is no chloroform-induced phase separation. The user just adds water to remove DNA, proteins, polysaccharides, and other contaminants. The isolated RNA is ready to use in reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction and other applications, with no deoxyribonuclease treatment necessary. All steps are performed at room temperature.

Blood Dry Storage Products

QIAsafe DNA Blood Tubes and Plates offer high DNA yield, easy transport, and storage at room temperature. The QIAsafe DNA Blood Kit provides easy transport and storage of whole blood at room temperature. The QIAsafe products offer the first dry blood storage method available on a matrix; the QIAsafe matrix is a mixture of dissolvable compounds that stabilizes DNA at room temperature. The technology is based on anhydrobiosis, a biological mechanism employed by some multicellular organisms to enable their survival in a dry state for periods of more than 100 years. In QIAsafe blood products, this technology is used to preserve DNA for future extractions from blood.

Human Transcription Factors

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) to identify transcription-factor binding sites depends on monospecific antibodies to the transcription factors of interest, but for many transcription factors such antibodies are not available. To overcome this limitation, SpectraGenetics now offers more than 100 genomic clones that express human transcription factors with 3xFLAG tags at their C-termini. Transcription factors are expressed at physiologically normal levels in transfected cells and the normal set of alternatively spliced isoforms is represented. ChIP analysis follows standardized protocols that use anti-FLAG antibodies for immunoprecipitation.

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