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Science  04 Dec 2009:
Vol. 326, Issue 5958, pp. 1428
DOI: 10.1126/science.326.5958.1428-a

Whole Genome Amplification Kit

The PicoPlex Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification kit is a rapid, accurate, and reproducible method for amplifying single genomes. The kit targets the preimplantation genetic diagnostics, cancer research, and stem cell research markets, which require rapid, reproducible amplification to profile patient genotypes, karyotypes, and mutations. PicoPlex enables reference laboratories to begin quantitative polymerase chain reaction less than three hours after collecting patient cells. Researchers can obtain as much genomic information from one cell as they currently do from 10,000 cells. The kit reproducibly amplifies total DNA one million–fold from single cells to produce five micrograms of amplified DNA in less than three hours.

PCR Master Mixes

RT Fast SYBR Green quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) master mixes have been optimized with a fast PCR protocol, with enhanced specificity and sensitivity, and detection based on SYBR Green dye. The master mixes contain all the reagents and buffers required for fast real-time PCRs, which include an improved proprietary real-time PCR buffer, a high-performance HotStart DNA Taq polymerase, nucleotides, SYBR Green dye, and, if necessary, reference dyes needed to normalize the instruments' optics.

Sample Preparation Reagent

The iScript RT-qPCR Sample Preparation Reagent delivers efficient cell lysis, RNA stabilization, and removal of DNA for sensitive quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) without RNA purification. The buffer accelerates and streamlines reverse transcription-qPCR analysis of cultured cells by eliminating the need for RNA purification and enabling PCR or real-time PCR directly from cell lysates. It removes genomic DNA and stabilizes RNA in as little as five to 10 minutes. This isolated RNA is stable for up to six months when frozen. The reagent enables multiplex real-time detection of up to four targets from as few as 10 cells. The system is suitable for rapid, high throughput gene expression analysis, including validation of small-interfering-RNA–mediated gene knockdown.

Thermal Microplate Sealer

The MiniSeal Plus is a budget-priced, semiautomatic thermal microplate sealer. Building on the proven record of the MiniSeal microplate sealer, the new model offers enhanced comfort and safety along with repeatability in sealing plates of many different types and sizes. It is designed for laboratories needing to seal small to medium numbers of plates (10–50) each day, so unlike bigger automated sealers, it does not require a compressed air supply to operate. All operations are electronically controlled through a splash-proof keypad. The compact footprint (310 mm height by 275 mm depth by 181 mm width) means it will fit almost anywhere on a lab bench as well as in a fume hood. It features rapid heat-up, real-time display of sealing head temperature, automatic plate height detection, and precut sealing films.

Genotyping Kit

The Type-it HRM (high resolution melting) PCR (polymerase chain reaction) kit enables fast, accurate detection of gene mutations and single nucleotide polymorphisms. It can be used in genotyping research applications including typing of disease or cancer loci, biomarker discovery, and pathogen detection. The kit does not require optimization in the development of new HRM assays, but delivers consistent performance the first time. The kit's unique master mix chemistry and optimized HRM buffer ensure that amplification products and results are consistent, even when analyzing challenging mutations and genomic loci. The kit can be used with the Rotor-Gene Q Real-time PCR and HRM Instrument for outstanding results.

DNA Contamination Removal

The DNA-ExitusPlus is an effective, noncorrosive, and biodegradable reagent designed to counter DNA contamination. The reagent provides fast, nonenzymatic, nonsequence-specific degradation of DNA and RNA molecules and proteins. It can be used to decontaminate surfaces of equipment, lab furniture, and plastic and glass consumables, and even matrices for the purification and isolation of nucleic acids, such as spin columns. It includes no aggressive mineralic acids or bases that can corrode or damage equipment. All ExitusPlus products are aqueous solutions or powder mixtures, without organic solvents or volatile components that release toxic fumes.

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