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Science  15 Jan 2010:
Vol. 327, Issue 5963, pp. 354
DOI: 10.1126/science.327.5963.354-a


The Fluidigm BioMark IFC Controller MX is designed to automatically prime and load 48.48 Dynamic Array and Digital Array integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs). The MX is a compact, fully integrated system with an internal computer, touch-screen control, and internal air source capable of setting up 2,304 reactions within minutes. It is suitable for labs undertaking gene expression, genotyping, and real-time and digital polymerase chain reaction (PCR) experiments that have lower throughput requirements, tight budgets, and limited bench space. It automates the setup of dynamic array or digital array chips. After samples and assays have been pipetted into the inlets of the input frame, the chip is placed onto the controller and with a few taps of the touch screen, samples and assays are loaded into the IFCs. After setup, the IFCs are placed on the BioMark Real-Time PCR system for thermal cycling and data collection.


The multipurpose Centrifuge 5430 R spins tubes from 0.2 ml to 50 ml, as well as microplates. It has a maximum speed of 30,130 x g (17,500 rpm) and requires only 15 inches of bench space, so users can spin 15 ml and 50 ml conical tubes as well as plates for polymerase chain reaction and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays directly on the lab bench. A refrigerated model with superior temperature management options is available.


The TriSeal Pro is a budget-priced continuous-roll microplate heat sealer for medium to high throughput plate-sealing applications. Designed to produce a tight seal on any standard microplate from a thin polymerase chain reaction plate to deep-well plates, the TriSeal Pro includes a 610-meter sealing-film roll, which can seal up to 5,000 plates without intervention. A unique turntable design allows simultaneous loading, unloading, and sealing for a plate-sealing rate of three per minute. It provides precisely adjustable temperature control from 50°C to 185°C, enabling it to operate with more foil and film seals. Pneumatically operated, it requires only compressed air and mains voltage for routine operation.


The Microlab Nimbus Heater/Shaker Package incorporates high-speed automated pipetting with orbital plate shaking and heating. This preconfigured, turnkey package provides streamlined functionality for a variety of applications that require heat for solute mixing or shaking, such as in colorimetric, fluorescent, or luminescent bioassays; cell viability assays; and magnetic separations. The package includes device-mounting hardware, optimized test methods, and a choice of either the new Hamilton Heater Shaker module or one of several Variomag Teleshake models. Pipetting can be done directly to microplates on the heater/shaker and plates can be transported to and from the device with an optional labware gripper. The devices are compatible with standard microplate formats and provide accurate Peltier-based temperature control and orbital shaking with variable speed control.


The enhanced Liquidator 96 is a powerful personal research tool that adds speed and flexibility to high throughput manual pipetting. It is suitable for applications involved in proteomics and genomics, such as kinetics, gene expression, protein-protein interaction, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays. It can be used in cell-based assays and many other studies. Its uses include adding sample, filling plates, mother-daughter plate replication, reformatting from 96-well to 384-well plates, and adding sample to chemotaxis plates. Liquidator 96's precision and accuracy ensure reproducible results well-to-well and plate-to-plate, without the need for complicated programming or dedicated technician time.


More powerful than the personal SCF1 Spinner, the SCF2 Microcentrifuge is a compact, variable speed unit that accommodates a fixed angle rotor holding 12 tubes or a strip tube rotor. Versatility and ease of use are key features of the new unit. The fixed angle rotor holds up to 12 x 1.5-ml or 2.2-ml microfuge tubes and, using the supplied adapters, 0.5-ml and 0.2-ml tubes can also be centrifuged. The strip tube rotor holds four strips of 8 x 02.-ml tubes. No tools are required to install the rotors and spin speed is variable, up to 13,500 rpm for the fixed angle rotor and 6,000 rpm for the strip tube rotor. Centrifugation speed can be displayed in rpm or rcf, and the timer can be set for run times from 1 to 30 minutes. A pulse button enables rapid spindown.

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