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Science  22 Jan 2010:
Vol. 327, Issue 5964, pp. 478
DOI: 10.1126/science.327.5964.478-a


The Atlas FT-IR System for in situ reaction monitoring combines the technology of the Atlas automated reactor with Bruker Optics' Matrix-MF, a process-ready Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer. Available in a wide range of vessel sizes, from 50 ml to 5 L, this compact system fits easily into fume cupboards, making it suitable for any laboratory performing real-time analysis of chemical reactions and processes. With the ability to perform real-time, in situ quantitative analysis, this system can be used to examine product yields, impurities, reaction kinetics, end points, and more. The system is easily upgradable to provide functionality such as reaction calorimetry, pH control, gravimetric or volumetric reagent addition, and crystallization control. The robust system combines a chemically resistant reactor and an attenuated total reflection probe with vibration-resistant optics.


cBot is a plug-and-play, user-installable system for clonal amplification of sequencing libraries capable of four-hour clonal amplification with less than 10 minutes of hands-on time. Its innovations include ready-to-use, prepackaged reagents; simple touch-screen operation; and browser-based remote monitoring. High-quality results are ensured by smart sensors that monitor instrument performance, combined with new chemistry protocols that deliver higher density clusters and improve sequencing accuracy. Illumina's proprietary cluster generation process offers advantages over competing emulsion polymerase chain reaction–based methods in terms of simplicity and hands-on time. cBot improves those advantages by minimizing user touch points, improving chemistry for higher quality results, and decreasing hands-on time.


The PowerWater and RapidWater DNA isolation kits are for extraction of genomic DNA from a variety of water samples. The PowerWater DNA Isolation Kit makes use of patented Inhibitor Removal Technology to provide high-quality DNA from even the most turbid water. For nonturbid water, the RapidWater DNA Isolation Kit provides pure genomic DNA in less than 15 minutes. These next generation kits contain several improvements, including a novel bead tube with an optimized bead mix and reformulated buffers that streamline the protocol and reduce processing volumes. Both kits are compatible with a range of filter membrane types and are available with or without sterile, disposable 0.45 µm and 0.22 µm filter funnels.


The ÄKTAmicro liquid chromatography system is designed for small sample volumes and concentrations, providing reproducible high-resolution purification and enabling characterization of target molecules. The system includes a microfraction collections kit for collection of minute fraction volumes and an adapted Unicorn wizard control system for improved ease of use. With an optional degasser and the ability to connect to light-scattering detectors, the system is suitable for molecular characterization. It is a completely bioinert system that can be used for purification of target molecules from a range of sources, such as intact proteins, protein complexes, and nucleotides. It is also well suited for rapid purity/recovery analysis in method development and drug discovery. It offers application flexibility, including reversed-phase and ion-exchange chromatography techniques, as well as gel filtration.


The Optometronic 4000 photonics workstation is designed to address nano/micro-photonic characterization. Photonic and plasmonic characterization requires multiple functionality in one platform. This platform integrates Nanonics' multiprobe nearfield optical and atomic force capabilities with its state-of-the-art lensed fibers and highly compact lensed fiber nanomanipulators. Applications of the instrument include analysis of plasmonic waveguides and plasmonic structures, analysis of light in waveguides and optical resonators, profiling of lensed fiber, measurement of a refractive index profile, nanomanipulation of plasmonic particles with multiple probes, and more.

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