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Science  12 Feb 2010:
Vol. 327, Issue 5967, pp. 887
DOI: 10.1126/science.327.5967.887-a

Biomolecule Isolation

Prepacked Cellufine Mini-Columns provide convenience and productivity for isolating, purifying, and concentrating biomolecules from aqueous samples. Available in a range of prepacked 1-ml columns for ion-exchange, affinity, and hydrophobic interaction, the minicolumns provide a new resource for initial screening of biomolecules, preoptimization of protocols in drug discovery, and preclinical applications. Cellufine is a novel, high-performance liquid chromatography medium optimized for the purification of proteins, enzymes, endotoxins, and other biomolecules. Manufactured from spherical cellulose particles, Cellufine offers excellent chemical stability, high mechanical strength, and complete biocompatibility.

Cell Organelle Detection Kits

Three highly selective detection kits for the examination of mitochondria, lysosomes, and nucleoli/nuclei in live cells are available. The kits feature proprietary fluorescent dyes that emit strong, consistent signals even after extended viewing periods. They are highly resistant to photobleaching and concentration quenching. The dyes are compatible with most fluorescence detection systems, including conventional and confocal fluorescence microscopes and high-content screening platforms. The Total Nuclear-ID Green/Red Nucleolar/Nuclear Detection Kit makes use of a dichromatic staining method that permits researchers to easily examine the nucleolar dynamic changes in intracellular distribution, trafficking, and localization that arise from processes such as the cell cycle and ribosome biogenesis. The Lyso-ID Red Detection Kit is for live-cell imaging of lysosomes. The Mito-ID Red Detection Kit contains a potent mitochondria-selective dye suitable for staining live cells, detergent permeabilized cells, and aldehyde-fixed cells.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers

The AA-7000 Series atomic absorption (AA) spectrophotometer incorporates recently developed three-dimensional (3-D) optics for enhanced flame and furnace analysis. Through optimal adjustment of the light beam and digital filter, and by using optical components that restrict light loss, the optical system is capable of producing maximum performance for both flame detection and furnace detection. The optical double-beam photometric system is automatically set for flame measurements, and the high throughput, single-beam photometric system is automatically set for furnace measurements. With a new graphite furnace design, the series achieves lower limits of detection for furnace analysis in all fields, compared with Shimadzu's previous designs. When combined with an optional autoatomizer changer, the system creates an integral burner and furnace that remains permanently installed in the combustion chamber.

Micromixer Chip

The Mitos Micromixer Chip is designed for the rapid mixing of two or three fluid streams. Compatible with the Mitos 4-way edge connector, this novel chip performs rapid mixing across a wide range of flow rates. The chip's advanced features make it suitable for the study of reaction kinetics, sample dilution, improving reaction selectivity, rapid crystallization, and nanoparticle synthesis. The chip measures 45 mm by 15 mm and incorporates two independent micromixer channels, each with a volume of 8 μl, to ensure efficient mixing of the fluid streams. The Micromixer Chip is a static mixer with no moving parts, inducing lamination of the flow streams at low flow rates. At higher flow rates, a degree of turbulence occurs within the flow stream, which further reduces the mixing time. Thus, the micromixer can perform total mixing of two or three fluid streams in milliseconds.

Label-Free Cell Measurement

The ECIS (electric cell–substrate impedance sensing) Z and ECIS Z Theta instruments can be equipped with a flow option designed for researchers who wish to employ ECIS impedance measurements to study the behavior of cells under flow conditions. The ECIS flow arrays provide eight independent measuring electrodes on the floor of a channel 0.5 cm wide, 5 cm long, and 400 micrometers high. Flow rates can be incrementally programmed from slow perfusion of medium across the cells up to rates yielding shear stress similar to that experienced by endothelial cells in vivo. A peristaltic pump included with the system is designed for operation in the high humidity of the tissue culture incubator.

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