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Science  02 Apr 2010:
Vol. 328, Issue 5974, pp. 110
DOI: 10.1126/science.328.5974.110-a

Vibration Isolation

The Ergonomic Low-Profile-Format platform is a lightweight benchtop vibration isolation system designed for portability. It can be easily repositioned on the benchtop, even with a load and in float. An economical alternative to heavyweight models, it features a load capacity of 100 or 300 pounds. The platform has a low profile, uses a small tabletop, and weighs only 40 pounds. Ergonomic features include gauges tilted upward for easy viewing and recessed handles for easy carrying. Designed for use in laboratories and Class 100 cleanrooms, it is suitable for supporting atomic force microscopes, microhardness testers, analytical balances, profilometers, audio equipment, and more.

Thermal Cyclers

The TC-Plus thermal cyclers can be combined with satellite units to give the flexibility to configure any multiblock format. These thermal cyclers have one of the fastest aluminum blocks on the market, delivering greater uniformity than a silver block, and therefore more reproducible polymerase chain reaction results. The 5.7-inch VGA color touchscreen with graphical display is intuitive and easy to use. The TC-Plus features a patent-pending CD-drive-type sample drawer. The force used to push the drawer in also lowers the heated lid into position, applying the correct pressure onto the samples to prevent evaporation. The TC-Plus can accommodate all consumable types from 0.5-ml tubes to 384-well plates, sealed with either heat or adhesive seals.

Nanopositioning Stage

The SCR 100 stage is an ultrahigh-pressure, compact, single-axis stage that integrates a slide guide, encoder, and linear shaft motor. The stage features a moving magnet design, with all cables and connectors in the stationary base. With no moving cable, there are no motion errors due to cable forces. The precision-ground, cross-roller way provides high stiffness and smooth motion. The noncontact linear shaft motor and optical linear encoders are self-contained inside the stage. The optical linear encoder is available with resolutions from 1 micron to 10 nanometers with digital output. The linear shaft motor has no cogging, which gives it a higher resolution, speed, and continuous force than standard stepper motors and piezo servomotors.

Benchtop Cold Plates

The AHP1200CPV Cold Plate is a versatile instrument that can be enhanced by a wide range of accessories. These benchtop cold plates feature a design based on thermoelectric technology to cool or heat a surface plate. They are intended for laboratory, quality control and electrical component tests, and research applications. Biomedical applications include pain research, tissue dissection, histology, cold/hot dry wells, and sample cooling. The precision-machined, aluminum cold plate surface measures 5.8 inches by 13.3 inches, with a footprint of just 11.2 inches by 15.1 inches. In a 25°C environment, the cold plate surface is controllable from –15°C to +90°C. Options can extend that range to below –45°C and above +90°C. The cold plate includes an integral temperature control with remote sensing, precise adjustment of surface temperature within ±0.1°C, temperature cycling, ramping and soaking programs, and RS-232 communication.

UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

The Evolution 60S spectrophotometer is a powerful ultraviolet–visible light instrument with the flexibility to perform quality assurance, life science methods, and general research methods. It features a 1.0 nm spectral bandwidth, bringing a new level of clarity to measurements in an affordable, compact design. Its enhanced scanning technology can acquire high-quality spectral data at speeds greater than 4,200 nm per minute. It meets the stringent requirements of international pharmacopoeias and offers validation tools and protocols for users operating in regulated environments. The instrument's long-life xenon lamp requires no warm-up time, providing instant measurements and excellent performance over the wavelength range of 190–1,100 nm. The instrument includes a wide array of preprogrammed biological assays for analyzing protein and nucleic acid samples and performing cell growth measurements.

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