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Science  07 May 2010:
Vol. 328, Issue 5979, pp. 764
DOI: 10.1126/science.328.5979.764-a

Image Lab Software

Traditionally, optimizing image quality in a gel documentation system requires a high degree of fine-tuning. New Image Lab software can change how researchers use their gel documentation systems by offering an easy-to-use, fully automated image capture and analysis system that delivers high-quality images when used with the Molecular Imager Gel Doc XR+ or ChemiDoc XRS+ system. The software requires no special training to operate, optimizing image capture, analysis, and reporting in a single automated workflow. The software automatically calibrates the Gel Doc XR+ and ChemiDoc XRS+ systems at initial setup, so when a sample is imaged for a given application it is always in focus—at any sample height, at any zoom level, and in any user's hands.

Peroxidase Substrates

Vector Laboratories has expanded its ImmPACT series of peroxidase-based chromogen substrate kits to include all of its colored substrates, including ImmPACT DAB (brown), ImmPACT AEC (red), ImmPACT VIP (purple), ImmPACT SG (gray/blue), and ImmPACT NovaRED (red). The new kits feature novel chemistry to generate greater sensitivity and crisper, darker staining precipitates than traditional peroxidase substrates. These features offer potential cost savings by enabling greater dilution of primary antibodies in addition to easier interpretation of results. The kits are suited for single-staining or double-staining using immunohistochemistry methods on tissue sections and cells. The kits can be used manually or on automated staining instruments.

Automated Microscope

The design of the RAMM (Rapid Automated Modular Microscope) system allows a custom system to be easily developed. The microscope is configurable with infinity-corrected optics, dichroic filter cubes, multiwavelength excitation and emission filter wheels, and detectors including cameras and photomultipliers. A wide range of automated features can be added, including high-speed XY stages, precision piezo and motorized Z focusing, autofocus, and a robotic specimen loader. The system provides a solid platform for high throughput screening, genetic sequencing, experimental research, and more. It is designed to be flexible and cost effective enough to be incorporated into original equipment manufacturing development.

Pulsed Xenon Source

A high-intensity pulsed xenon source for the Jaz modular sensing system offers a high pulse rate with great pulse-to-pulse stability. The Jaz-PX is a high flash-rate, short-arc xenon lamp especially useful for ultraviolet/visible light applications such as absorbance, bioreflectance, fluorescence, and phosphorescence. The lamp has a maximum pulse frequency of 500 Hz and spectral response from 190–1,000 nm. Jaz is a family of stackable, modular components that share common electronics and communications. At its heart is a miniature linear charge-coupled device-array spectrometer, available with a user-selected grating and entrance slit optimized for a variety of application needs, in a design that accommodates up to eight spectrometer channels.

Ready-to-Use Frozen Cells

Sixty new frozen cells validated for cAMP and AequoScreen luminescence are available in off-the-shelf aliquots of 2.5 million and 10 million cells, respectively. Frozen cells can delink lengthy cell culture processes from functional testing of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) and are available for a wide range of target families. The user simply thaws a vial as needed for use directly in a functional, cellular assay with previously validated performance. The process's optimized and standardized culture conditions eliminate variability in sensitivity and response amplitude between different batches of cells. Ready-to-use AequoZen and cAMPZen frozen cells are a convenient option for the characterization in multiple assays of drugs in development and are a cost-effective alternative to perform cellular GPCR selectivity studies on multiple receptors at a time.

Arc Lamp Replacement

The Spectra light engine provides seven discrete solid-state outputs spanning the complete visible spectrum, making it a true arc lamp replacement. The product complements Lumencor's family of multicolor light engine products for microscopists, researchers, and original equipment manufacturers. In addition to offering a multitude of outputs, covering the full visible spectrum from 380 nm to 680 nm, this new light engine features increased power per band for each channel over the existing light engine model outputs. The product has an updated streamlined design, full electronic control of intensity and switching speed in the time frame of tens of microseconds, and a dosimeter option. Adapters for all major makes and models of microscopes are available and custom adapters are available on request.

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