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Science  28 May 2010:
Vol. 328, Issue 5982, pp. 1179
DOI: 10.1126/science.328.5982.1179-a

Small-Capacity Incubators

The Midi 40 is a small-capacity carbon dioxide incubator that delivers the reliable culturing performance of a full-sized incubator in a convenient, space-saving footprint. The Midi 40 is suitable for researchers who lack space or require separate, undisturbed incubation conditions due to the contamination risk associated with shared incubators. Additional benefits include reduced energy and gas consumption as well as lower heat output. The incubation parameters can be easily managed through the incubator's bright, vacuum fluorescent display and easy-to-navigate membrane keypad. The unit features a noncorrosive, stainless steel chamber with 40 liters of culture space, and a heated humidity pan to generate relative humidity values of up to 95 percent.

Pulseless Liquid Flow

The Mitos P-pump provides a pulseless liquid flow via a precise pressure-driven pumping mechanism. With its excellent response time and accuracy, the pressure-driven flow is suitable for microfluidic systems in which stable flow is required for applications such as droplet formation. Operating over a wide pressure range of 0–10 bar, the pump is suitable for use with systems of high fluidic resistance. The design features a lockable pressure chamber for safety, which is easily accessible and accommodates a wide range of standard and nonstandard fluid vessels. With the ability to contain samples from 100 µl to 30 ml, the pump uses fluid directly from the container, producing no mess or waste. The pump can work with a laboratory nitrogen or argon supply, gas bottle, or compressor.

Extended Range Protein Standard

A new addition to the Precision Plus Protein line of protein standards, the Precision Plus Protein Dual Xtra standard provides 12 reference bands, from 2 kD to 250 kD. The new standard allows researchers to perform electrophoresis experiments with proteins of varying sizes, without the need to use two lanes in a gel to load two different markers for measurement of proteins in the high and low molecular weight range. The extended range of the new standard allows researchers to use just one molecular weight standard, whether they need to assess proteins with a wide molecular weight range or to focus on the low range only. The new dual standard offers the same sharp, bright, evenly spaced bands as the rest of the Precision Plus Protein family of standards.

Optical Oxygen Sensor

The NeoFox Sport is a portable, handheld optical oxygen sensor for measuring dissolved and gaseous oxygen pressure in a variety of media. The sensor makes use of a proprietary sol-gel coating that is embedded with an oxygen indicator and can be applied to patches or probes. Patches are useful for measuring headspace gases and other parameters inside packages and containers. Probe options range from slender, 300-µm–diameter fiber assemblies for fine spatial resolution applications to robust, quarter-inch stainless steel configurations for process environments. Coating formulations are available for general lab use, high-sensitivity applications, and hydrocarbon-rich sample environments. The NeoFox Sport fluorescence-based optical oxygen system includes an onboard microprocessor with a low-power organic LED display, a user interface, and a battery pack.


The HumanOmniExpress BeadChip is part of the Omni family of microarrays for genomewide association studies. Designed in a 12-sample format, the OmniExpress allows interrogation of more than 700,000 variants per sample, for more than 8 million data points on a single chip. When used with the Illumina iScan System, OmniExpress allows processing of more than 1,400 samples per week. The markers on the OmniExpress incorporate an optimized set of single nucleotide polymorphisms chosen from all three phases of the International HapMap Project.

Protein A Kit and Immobilization Station

The Dip and Read Residual Protein A Detection Kit is for use on ForteBio's Octet platform. The new assay enables drug developers to measure levels of Protein A quickly with minimal hands-on time. The kit consists of biosensors and all the reagents required to quantitate Protein A or biosimilars in the presence of human immunoglobulin G. Another addition to the Octet platform, the Sidekick Offline Biosensor Immobilization Station, enables offline loading of reagents on biosensors in tandem with any Octet instrument. The station provides simultaneous and uniform sample loading on all 96 biosensors on a biosensor tray and shakes the samples while keeping the biosensors immobile, which decreases the incubation time by half. This process significantly increases the sensitivity of sandwich assays.

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