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Calling All Dancing Scientists!

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Science  04 Jun 2010:
Vol. 328, Issue 5983, pp. 1226
DOI: 10.1126/science.328.5983.1226-b

Call your labmates, get the video camera, and leave your fear of Internet fame behind. It's time to dance again.

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Science presents . . .

The 2010 "Dance Your Ph.D." Contest

Taking science to the dance and back again


Submission deadline: 1 September 2010

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Those who have taken part in the "Dance Your Ph.D." contest know that the human body is an excellent medium for communicating science—perhaps not as data-rich as a peer-reviewed article but far more exciting.

Taking part is easy:

  1. Make a video of your own Ph.D. dance.

  2. Post the video on

  3. Follow the directions for contest entry at

Ph.D. dances will be divided by scientific field: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Social Sciences. An independent panel of judges—made up of artists and scientists—will choose finalists in each category. The finalists will have their Ph.D. dance videos screened at the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York City (15–24 October).

At the festival, the winners will be chosen. A cash prize goes to the best Ph.D. dance in each of four categories:





Finally, the best Ph.D. dance in each scientific category will compete for the final prize:


This will answer the question, Which kind of scientists make the best dancers?

See you in New York!


—The Gonzo Scientist


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