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Science  11 Jun 2010:
Vol. 328, Issue 5984, pp. 1419
DOI: 10.1126/science.328.5984.1419-a

Rack Runner Robot

The Rack Runner is a fast, flexible robotic tool that can integrate multiple –20°C and –80°C Sample Access Manager (SAM) storage systems into a cluster or link storage with the Hamilton liquid handling workstation. The Rack Runner's range enables scalable integration of multiple Hamilton and third-party systems, including incubators, readers, washers, and shakers. The Rack Runner is designed to meet the evolving storage needs of customers in biobanking, virus banking, DNA and RNA research, and pharmaceutical discovery and development. Users can start with a single SAM, adding and linking additional systems as capacity requirements grow in the future. The small and agile Rack Runner moves on a linear drive that is extendable from 80 centimeters to 8 meters. With wireless control, the robot moves at up to 2.5 meters per second.

Tube-to-Plate Liquid Handler

The Sciclone G3 liquid handler, with the ability to transfer 24 samples at once, features innovations including a novel rack system, simplified decapping and tube loading, on-deck sensors, and an integrated bar code reader to identify and track samples. Other innovations include pioneering tube-to-plate reformatting technology, noncontact liquid level and clog detection, advanced blood tube management, and easy-to-use yet flexible software. The instrument provides a simple and fast method for tube-to-plate transfer. The Sciclone G3 can easily manage and process 96 blood tubes. Its on-deck sensors and integrated bar code reader identify and track samples, providing a comprehensive and direct approach to sample handling. The liquid level sensor and tube management capabilities allow for processing samples directly from blood tubes.

Sample Management System

The Track-IT is a sample management system interfaced to a two-dimensional code reader that allows the user to reliably and efficiently organize and track individual samples. Track-IT is a complete sample management software package that is suitable for biobanks and biorepositories as well as molecular biology, cellular biology, clinical, chemical, biochemistry, immunology, high throughput screening, and in vitro fertilization laboratories. Fully compatible with most commercial barcode readers and scanners, Track-IT allows users to quickly catalog and organize samples. The central information database produced by Track-IT is customizable to match the workflow of any laboratory, and to match the unique aspects of different sample types.

Thermal Cyclers

Designed to save time and energy, the TC-Plus thermal cyclers and satellite units feature a stackable configuration to reduce the bench space required and facilitate networking. They feature the Thermal Energy Recovery System, which saves energy by harnessing the heat vented during the cooling phase for use in the next heating phase. With a ramp rate of 5°C per second, the aluminum block is one of the fastest available. These thermal cyclers also feature a large color touchscreen for quick program setup. At least a thousand programs can be stored and the front-positioned USB port makes it easy to transfer protocols between cyclers and laboratories. A front-loading sample drawer makes the units stackable, which, together with the front-to-back venting and airflow, enables close side-by-side positioning, minimizng the total footprint.

UV Sterilization Cabinet

The GLE-UVSC ultraviolet (UV) sterilization cabinet is designed for molecular biology laboratories carrying out polymerase chain reaction (PCR) processes. The cabinet provides decontamination of reagents and equipment before carrying out sensitive PCR reactions, which is particularly important when amplifying DNA sequences that are in limited supply or of low copy number. Four timer-controlled, 15-watt UV bulbs enable the user to control the exposure time and dose of high-energy UV radiation used to denature the nucleic acids that cause unwanted background contamination. A timer override switch allows the UV source to remain on indefinitely. Safety interlocks turn off the bulbs when the doors are opened.

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