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Science  18 Jun 2010:
Vol. 328, Issue 5985, pp. 1584
DOI: 10.1126/science.328.5985.1584-a

High-Performance Imaging

The Gel Logic 2200 Pro is an advanced optical imaging system aimed at in vitro scientific applications. Featuring a cooled 2.2-megapixel charge-coupled device camera and true 16-bit data capture, it can automate the process of capturing high-quality fluorescent, luminescent, and colorimetric images in sample formats such as gels, membranes, protein immunoblots, and 96-well plates. The system features intelligent software that enables researchers to identify a focal point on an image and press a button. The system then automatically adjusts to the perfect image focal point. The system is designed to combine high-quality images with easy-to-use software.

LED for Stereomicroscopes

Microscope Automation System

The ProScan III Microscope Automation System features a compact and modular design capable of controlling up to 16 axes, including a motorized stage, focused drive, three filter wheels, and three shutters with the speed, accuracy, and precision required by today's automated and demanding applications. The system also features a small footprint. The Interactive Control Center provides centralized manual control of all equipment. The screen provides positional feedback, while the joystick, buttons, and digital potentiometers control accessories such as a stage, focus drive, filter wheels, and shutters. New features allow the user to measure distances, label filter wheel positions with dye names, and take fine control of the stage for intricate movements. ProScan III is suited to demanding imaging applications that require high accuracy, speed, and repeatability, with the option to encode all axes.

Upright Microscope Series

The BX3 line of upright clinical and research microscopes features ergonomic and imaging features that provide comfort, ease of use, and accuracy. The line offers outstanding optical performance, value, and reliability as well as eco-friendly operation. The line includes the BX43 System Microscope for clinical laboratory applications, the BX46 Clinical Microscope with ergonomic design and fast observation, and the BX53 System Microscope for research and clinical applications. All three systems feature the proprietary UIS2 optics, which deliver sharp, bright images and are manufactured from lead-free glass. New features allow users to record and share microscope magnification and setting information automatically for comparing, measuring, and scaling images. A handy exposure button makes it possible for researchers to capture digital images without taking their hands off the microscope. An optional tilting trinocular observation tube provides efficient operation when capturing photomicrographs.

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