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Science  23 Jul 2010:
Vol. 329, Issue 5990, pp. 466
DOI: 10.1126/science.329.5990.466-a


The Biacore 4000 is a powerful solution for large-scale, label-free molecular interaction analysis in drug discovery, from early screening to characterization. The system delivers high-quality binding, kinetic, affinity, concentration, and specificity data in both screening assays and detailed characterization studies. Designed for large-scale parallel interaction analyses, the Biacore 4000 is capable of analyzing up to 4,800 interactions in 24 hours. Dedicated software packages are available to support small-molecule drug discovery and antibody screening and characterization. In combination with the LMW Extension Package software, the Biacore 4000 delivers the sensitivity, throughput, and high-quality data required for fragment screening, lead selection, and optimization. The Antibody Extension Package provides dedicated software tools for high throughput kinetic studies and epitope mapping, enabling rapid identification of promising candidates.

Functional Protein Expression Kit

The Invitrogen MembranePro Functional Protein Expression (FPE) Kit is an easy-to-use method for obtaining functional membrane proteins, including GPCRs, from mammalian cells. The kit can be used to clone and transfect GPCRs or other membrane protein genes into 293FT cells, collect the culture media after 48 hours, and precipitate the secreted membrane particles overnight. After resuspension, the particles are ready for immediate use in downstream biochemical studies. The simple process produces particles comparable to conventional membrane preparations with the added advantage of increased receptor density. MembranePro products are offered in two configurations, an expression kit with 10 reactions and a support kit available in 10, 60, or 600 reaction sizes.

Human miRNA Expression Assay Kit

The Human microRNA (miRNA) Expression Assay Kit provides a simple and precise way to profile the human miRNA transcriptome in a single tube. Users can perform highly multiplexed, direct digital detection, as well as counting of miRNAs at single-base resolution without the need for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification. The comprehensive and cost-effective assay enables users to profile more than 700 human and human-viral miRNAs with a specificity and sensitivity comparable to quantitative PCR. The assay kit contains all of the reagents and consumables required to conduct miRNA and gene expression experiments and can be combined with the easy-to-use, fully automated target profiling nCounter Analysis System.

ChIP-CHIP kits

Magna ChIP2 chromatin immunoprecipitation DNA microarray (ChIP-chip) kits allow users to map entire gene regulatory networks and patterns of epigenetic marks using microarray technology. The kits provide reagents, microarrays, and validated protocols for the entire ChIP-chip workflow, allowing users to examine protein-DNA interactions on a genome-wide scale. Two types of kits are available to accommodate different scientific approaches. The Magna ChIP2 Promoter Microarray kits contain the necessary reagents for ChIP-chip and either human or mouse Agilent promoter microarrays. The Magna ChIP2 Universal Microarray kits supply the necessary reagents for performing ChIP-chip with microarrays provided by the user.

Coated 96-Well Plates

Well-Coated plates are ready-to-use coated plates that are suitable for colorimetric, chemiluminescence, and fluorescent detection systems. The plates are supplied pre-blocked in G-Biosciences Superior Blocking Buffer and are available as single 96-well plates or as 12 x 8-well strips in a 96-well holder in clear, white, or black polystyrene. Well-Coated plates are offered with the following coatings: protein A, protein G, protein A/G, protein L, goat anti-mouse antibody or goat anti-rabbit antibody for binding antibodies; neutravidin, streptavidin and biotin for biotin studies; nickel and glutathione for His or GST tagged recombinant protein binding; and activated plates for binding proteins and other molecules through amine or sulfhydryl residues.

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