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Science  13 Aug 2010:
Vol. 329, Issue 5993, pp. 862
DOI: 10.1126/science.329.5993.862-a


GS Junior Benchtop System provides an integrated sequencing and bioinformatics solution, all in a size that is no bigger than a typical desktop laser printer. This system sequences over 35 million bases of DNA in a single 10-hour instrument run, with average read lengths in the range of 400 base pairs. With the ability to deep sequence gene loci and the sensitivity to identify rare drug-resistant viral variants down to one percent frequency, the technology offers significant advantages over current standards in many areas of medical research. A suite of high-performance data analysis software is included with the system that provides tools for de novo genome and transcriptome assembly and mapping, as well as amplicon variant analysis for the identification of rare variants in targeted sequencing studies.


The GET AGAROSE DNA kit supplies a method for fast and efficient isolation of DNA fragments from agarose gels. The kit is based on G-Biosciences' GET Spin Columns which have a high binding affinity for DNA. The isolation step involves the release of nucleic acid fragments from gel pieces followed by the capture of the fragments on GET Spin Columns. Washing and elution of the clean nucleic acid fragments can then be performed with a suitable buffer. Features of the kit include rapid isolation of DNA that is ready for downstream applications, including ligation. The kit is suitable for 100 bp to 20,000 bp sized fragments and is compatible with TAE and TBE buffer gels. GET AGAROSE DNA kits are supplied in 50 or 100 prep packages.

Biofilm DNa/rna Isolation

PowerBiofilm DNA Isolation Kit and PowerBiofilm RNA Isolation Kit are designed to isolate high-quality DNA or RNA from virtually any type of biofilm sample, from dental plaque to microbial mats. Biofilms are a ubiquitous form of microbial life in natural, industrial, and hospital settings with far-reaching impacts from infectious disease to bioremediation. These are the first commercial kits designed to isolate nucleic acids from the wide range of biofilm samples. Each kit includes a brand new bead tube mix which combines both mechanical and chemical cell lysis for optimal penetration of polymeric substances commonly found in biofilms. The kits also contain the patented Inhibitor Removal Technology (IRT) for better sensitivity in polymerase chain reaction (PCR), RT-PCR, or sequencing, and it yields nucleic acids of high quality and purity. With IRT, even biofilms containing heavy amounts of contaminants can be processed to provide inhibitor-free DNA and RNA.

DNA Isolation and Purification

DNAdvance SP is an extraction kit for the isolation and purification of DNA from saliva samples collected with DNA Genotek's Oragene•DNA Self Collection Kits. The high throughput genomic DNA isolation reagent system enables the purification of high-quality DNA from saliva samples, making it ideal for genotyping applications (SNP, fragment analysis), sequencing, and quantitative polymerase chain reaction. Oragene•DNA is an all-in-one system for the collection, stabilization, transportation, and purification of DNA from saliva that enables easy, reliable, and cost-effective collection of samples from large numbers of individuals while providing high-quality DNA.

Amplicon Tagging

A new protocol for the Access Array System enables sequencing of amplicon libraries using GS FLX Titanium Series reagents on the 454 GS FLX sequencing system. The Access Array integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) automatically generates emulsion polymerase chain reaction (emPCR)-ready libraries by simultaneously combining 48 samples and 48 primer sets to produce 48 uniquely barcoded samples per chip. Fluidigm's Access Array IFC, when used with a 454 Titanium sequencer, can capture up to 24 kb of sequence data per sample, or 1.15 MB per IFC. The addition of the GS FLX Titanium Series reagents with longer reads expands the amount of sequence that can be captured using the Access Array System.By incorporating adaptor sequences into the primer design, the final PCR product is ready for emPCR as it already contains the necessary capture sequences. The 48.48 Access Array IFC is the first chip that features the ability to recover reaction products automatically. 

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