Without Social Context?

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Science  24 Sep 2010:
Vol. 329, Issue 5999, pp. 1600-1601
DOI: 10.1126/science.1194229

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The Evolution of Language by W. Tecumseh Fitch Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2010. 623 pp. $120, £70. ISBN 9780521859936. Paper, $55, £29.99. ISBN 9780521677363.
The Evolution of Human Language Biolinguistic Perspectives Richard K. Larson, Viviane Déprez, and Hiroko Yamakido, Eds. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2010. 279 pp. $105, £60. ISBN 9780521516457. Paper, $41, £23.99. ISBN 9780521736251.


Both of these considerations of the evolution of language draw on research from a wide range of fields, although Enfield believes they do not pay sufficient attention to the dynamic context of human social behavior.