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Science  01 Oct 2010:
Vol. 330, Issue 6000, pp. 110
DOI: 10.1126/science.330.6000.110-a

Cytotoxicity Testing

The CloneSelect Imager provides a noninvasive image-based alternative to MTT assays. As no staining is required the use of colorimetric kits is avoided, saving both time and cost. The system offers the unique ability to directly analyze cell proliferation and cell death as a function of time, thereby revealing the effect of potential cytotoxic agents and generating a dose response curve. Using white light imaging and advanced image analysis, the system is used to track cell growth in each well of a microplate, accurately determining cell confluence and estimating cell number. Screening 96-well plates is extremely fast, with data acquisition in less than three minutes. Data can be displayed visually and exported for further analysis.

ADME Core Panel

Designed to help researchers study genetic predispositions for differential drug response and adverse events, the VeraCode ADME Core Panel offers the most complete representation of the key bio-markers associated with drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) as standardized by pharmaceutical industry experts. Researchers can use this core panel to analyze key ADME content in as little as one day, allowing studies to proceed faster and more efficiently than ever before. The panel contains 184 biomarkers in 34 genes, providing the highest coverage of the PharmADME Core List composed of the most biologically relevant biomarkers spanning complex regions of the genome. The supporting software for VeraScan offers a convenient user interface that manages user authentication, logs system activity, and automatically translates genotype data into the star nomenclature used by researchers to analyze pharmacogenetic data.

Cell Culture Products

Manufactured from a U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) class VI polystyrene resin, BioLite products are for general cell culture applications. These products are sterile and nonpyrogenic, making the culture surfaces suitable for many standard cell lines. This economical cell culture portfolio includes 35 mm to 150 mm diameter dishes, multidishes with 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, or 96-wells, and flasks with surface areas of up to 175 square cm. The BioLite products feature a cell culture surface for cell attachment and growth, providing a cost effective product to culture standard cell lines. They also offer researchers the flexibility to choose the culture format that best meets the requirements of their applications.

Gridded Cell Culture Plates

A novel multiwell cell culture plate provides 2x2 mm grids on the bottom surface of the tissue culture treated wells, which will not affect cells in culture. These products are a great tool for identifying or counting stem cells, tumor cell colonies, or hematopoietic cell colonies with a reference point. The 2 mm square grid pattern on the bottom side of the well provides an easy way to count individual cells and colonies and to measure the colony size or cell number per colony. Grid plates are ideal for selecting colonies after transfection or cell staining. Individually packaged, gamma irradiated 6-well plates and 12-well plates are available.

Droplet Starter System

The modular Syringe-based Droplet Starter System enables users to produce more than 10,000 monodispersed droplets per second, ranging from diameters of 20 to 250 &mgr;m. Operating over a wide flow range, from 0.1 &mgr;l/min to 10 ml/min, this chemically resistant system is ideal for initial concept work and experimentation towards the development of high throughput droplet systems. Including a range of Droplet Junction Chips with different geometries, channel sizes, and surface properties, the Syringe-based Droplet Starter System enables the formation of both water-in-oil and oil-in-water droplets. This easy-to-use system is composed of two independent syringes, with rotary valves, enabling fast automatic refill from up to three different sources, as well as an independent control of each liquid channel. As a modular system, the pump and droplet generation components are quick and simple to connect, ensuring that reliable and accurate data is obtained within a short time-span.

Electronic pipettes

Xplorer pipettes offer simply better pipetting with simplicity, precision, and reproducibility. With the Xplorer, researchers get precisely adjustable parameters, maximum reproducible results, and fatigue-free work. Besides precision and accuracy, ergonomic handling is particularly important when pipetting. With electronic piston stroke, low weight, and intuitive user guidance, electronic pipettes like the Xplorer minimize user strain. The perfect balance and the finger rest guarantee a position that is particularly easy on the joints. The basic functions can be easily chosen using a selection wheel. The Xplorer is useful for researchers who need to perform complex or long pipetting processes, without getting the many different volumes or individual steps confused.

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