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Science  22 Oct 2010:
Vol. 330, Issue 6003, pp. 526-526
DOI: 10.1126/science.330.6003.526-a

Syringe Pump

Legato syringe pumps are an economical solution for delivering precise and smooth flow in research, pilot plants, and production applications. The new Legato 270 Syringe Pump has an optimized user configurable syringe mechanism designed to uniquely deliver a full volume in infuse and withdraw modes whether using small or large syringes. This reconfigurable mechanism allows the user to change the syringe clamping mechanism to hold from 0.5 µl up to 140 ml syringes. The Legato 270 features a continuous push and pull pump, which when used with check valves will draw fluid from a reservoir while the opposite side is dispensing fluid and after the user selected volume is dispensed, the pump will automatically switch through the check valves and refill the empty syringes while dispensing from the other side. Flow performance is optimized with a small step angle stepping motor that drives a precision lead screw. Accuracy is ±5 percent and has 0.05 percent reproducibility.


The TOptical thermocycler combines state of the art technology with a functional design to deliver maximum flexibility. The instrument provides excellent temperature uniformity and high speed due to the excellent heat conductivity of the silver block. Existing TProfessional thermocyclers can be upgraded with the TOptical module to a complete real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) instrument. The TOptical thermocycler can be equipped with up to six excitation and emission filters of choice that allow the detection of commonly used real-time PCR dyes. The filters are easily interchangeable and retrofittable. Excitation of fluorophores by long-living LEDs allows PCR reactions to be monitored in real-time with high specificity and lowest detection limits. The system's intuitive, easy-to-use software offers several tools for data analysis, as well as data export functions for further data analysis with programs such as Excel, qBase, Biogazelle, or REST.

Automated Liquid Handling

The new Versette automated liquid handler is compatible with 19 interchangeable, RFID-tagged pipetting heads and provides exceptional pipetting versatility for a broad range of applications that require single- to 384-channel automated pipetting. The Versette is compatible with both disposable and fixed-tip pipetting heads, with a total volume ranging from 0.1 µl to 1250 µl. The easy to swap two- and six-position stages provide flexibility for both stand-alone and robot-friendly use. With a compact footprint, further facilitated by the unique dual-level design of the six-position stage, the Versette can be placed exactly where it is needed, making it ideal for use on any benchtop or in an enclosure. Simple and complex pipetting procedures can be programmed quickly and easily via the intuitive onboard LCD user interface or the Thermo Scientific ControlMate software.

Vacuum UV Spectrometer

The vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer, Model 234/302, is now available with improved efficiency over a wide wavelength range. New platinum coated gratings are ideal for use at windowless wavelengths, shorter than 120 nanometers (>10eV). The compact 200 mm focal length spectrometer can be supplied with various gratings to spread optimization over the entire 30 nm to 550 nm wavelength range; an advantage allowed by the optical design. In combination with windowless, sensitive, cooled, scientific grade CCD detectors, adjustable slits, and f/4.5, the McPherson Model 234/302 provides fast, sensitive data collection. Extreme and vacuum ultraviolet radiation and emission spectra can be analyzed with sub-nanometer spectral resolution. Adjustable slit width provides for best light throughput and for better spectral resolution to resolve closely spaced spectral lines. Furnished with spectral calibration certificate, the McPherson spectrometer is available with standard light sources, reflective condenser optics, and vacuum differential sections.

IGG Purification Kit

The Pearl IgG Purification Kit allows for the one-step purification of IgG antibodies from serum. The kit is supplied with Pearl IgG Purification Resin which binds non-IgG proteins (i.e. albumin) and allows the desired IgG molecules to pass through to a physiological buffer. Purified IgG can then be stored or used downstream in further applications. The Pearl IgG Purification kit segregates IgG in less than fifteen minutes with a purity of 90 percent. The performance of this kit is more rapid than commonly used Protein A or Protein G purification resins. The Pearl IgG Purification Kit is offered in a small scale spin format for purification of 25 mg IgG and a larger format for purification of ~200 mg IgG from ~100 mL of serum.

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