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Science  05 Nov 2010:
Vol. 330, Issue 6005, pp. 856
DOI: 10.1126/science.330.6005.856-a

High Throughput Screening

Designed to enable large scale, high throughput, high content screening, the HTFC Screening System takes a revolutionary approach to cell-based screening by integrating HyperCyt technology and flow cytometry—the most sensitive technology for measuring fluorescent markers on cells in suspension—with HyperCytPRO, an advanced server-based informatics platform. The result is a powerful yet simple screening system that enables researchers to cost effectively perform broader experiments with more controls and replicates, screen more compounds, and analyze data in ways never before possible with conventional flow cytometry. Using the HTFC Screening System, researchers can analyze multiparameter cell populations or multiplexed bead suspensions in 96- and 384-well microplates at rates up to 40 wells per minute, capturing data on thousands of cells per second. The heightened sensitivity and multicolor capabilities of the flow cytometer detection system also enable additional applications, including antibody screening, cytotoxicity studies, and biomarker analysis.

Benchtop Flow Cytometers

The new guava easyCyte family of compact, single-sampler systems allows scientists to move their research from the core lab into their own lab. The easyCyte instruments offer up to eight-parameter detection in a single-sampler format. Four guava easyCyte single-sampler models are available: two single-laser units capable of detecting five to six parameters and two dual-laser systems that can detect six to eight parameters. Dual lasers allow researchers greater flexibility in choosing different fluorescent dyes with well-separated emission spectra. The new instruments utilize patented microcapillary technology that reduces the number of cells needed for analysis and reduces the amount of waste generated—from liters per day with traditional approaches to less than 50 mL per day. Elimination of complicated fluidics gives guava instruments a small footprint and dramatically decreases user maintenance. EasyCyte flow cytometers feature InCyte software, which allows researchers to view, compare, and analyze up to six data sets simultaneously, enabling faster analysis of multiple cell populations or multicellular events.

Flow Cytometry Tubes

Sarstedt introduces a 5 ml round base tube specifically designed for flow cytometry use. The tube features a modified 12×5 mm configuration for proper fit on most new flow cytometers and is manufactured from optically clear polystyrene. Tubes are packaged in convenient StackPacks for easy handling. Free samples are available upon request.

Cell Sorter

The new Influx Cell Sorting System can be configured with up to seven lasers to support  two-way, four-way, and six-way sorting, giving researchers the flexibility to meet specific application or environmental requirements. The system's modular architecture along with exchangeable detector options, hands-on controls, and sorting options make it adaptable to a wide variety of site and application needs. The Influx System uses parallel electronics to reach a throughput rate of 200,000 events per second, independent of the number of lasers or parameters. Its fluidics design features a special acoustical coupling in the nozzle assembly to reliably create droplets for sorting, while ensuring low shear stress to optimize cell viability, even at high pressures. FACS Accudrop technology simplifies setup and eliminates manual calculations normally required for drop-delay determination. To support aseptic sorting, the system's disposable fluidics allows researchers to replace a sample line or the complete fluidics path from sheath tank to nozzle tip. In addition, the Influx software provides comprehensive control of the cell sorter from configuration and compensation setup to acquisition, sorting, and analysis. Software wizards and controls can assist researchers to classify cell populations, perform compensation, monitor sorting, and analyze results.

Analysis software

The new flow cytometry analysis software, Kaluza 1.1, processes multicolor files of up to 10 million events in real time and offers an analytical speed that is dramatically faster than other commercially available software. With the cutting edge NVIDIA Tesla Supercomputer option, Kaluza 1.1 sets a new standard for flow cytometry data processing speed. The software supports data analysis from a variety of platforms, including MoFlo Series sorters, CyAn ADP and Gallios flow cytometry analyzers, and systems such as the iCys and the iCyte automated imaging cytometers. This version of Kaluza is the first software in the industry to be offered in a variety of translations. Kaluza Flow Cytometry Analysis Software version 1.1 is for research use only and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit) operating systems.

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