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Science  19 Nov 2010:
Vol. 330, Issue 6007, pp. 1117
DOI: 10.1126/science.330.6007.1117-a

Manual and Electronic Pipettes

The comprehensive range of Sarpette M manual and Sarpette E electronic pipettes come in single-, eight-, and 12-channel configurations. Sarpette M pipettes feature continuously adjustable volumes from either the dispenser button or thumbwheel and offer exceptional accuracy and precision. Lightweight and well balanced for comfortable pipetting, Sarpette M pipettes require low dispensing and tip ejection forces. Multichannel options feature a curved ejector bar and an individual shaft suspension system to further reduce hand strain. Sarpette M pipettes are fully autoclavable. Sarpette E electronic pipettes are controlled by a high-precision motor and microprocessor to ensure smooth and accurate pipetting. Practical, user-friendly operation modes include various mixing, multiple dispensing, and sequential aspirating/dispensing options as well as five speeds and nine memory programs. Sarpette E pipettes feature a large, angled LCD display, an extremely lightweight ergonomic design, and a long-lasting rechargeable lithium ion battery. High-quality pipette tips are offered in a wide-range of packaging and purity options as well as corresponding carousel and linear stands to compliment the Sarpette pipettes.

mini centrifuge

The compact, economical Scie-Plas Mini Centrifuge comes with three different rotors for use in a wide-range of bioscience research applications. Designed with a small footprint to fit easily even where space is limited, this centrifuge model is very easy to use. An on/off switch enables the lid to be closed without starting the unit and when the lid is opened, the centrifuge stops automatically. For added value and versatility, the Scie-Plas Mini Centrifuge includes three rotors: a six-place rotor for 1.5 ml tubes, a 0.2 ml PCR strip rotor, and a 1- by 3-inch slide rotor. A maximum speed of 6,000 rpm/2,000 x g is perfect for quickly spinning down samples, in microgel filtration applications and for microvolume centrifugation.


FT-IR spectrometer, Nicolet iS5, is designed for users seeking no-compromise, affordable, and compact FT-IR spectroscopy to assist in their product assurance testing, basic troubleshooting, and chemistry teaching. The Nicolet iS5 establishes a new benchmark in small-footprint laboratory FT-IR spectroscopy. Delivering comparable performance to full-size spectrometers, the instrument has an open-architecture sample compartment that accepts a wide variety of sampling accessories. The spectrometer incorporates the award-winning OMNIC software, widely adopted by major industrial manufacturers and forensic laboratories around the world. The Nicolet iS5 spectrometer, its new iD sampling accessories, and OMNIC software solutions for raw materials, impurities, and mixtures identification, create a unique user experience "from sample-in to answer-out."

Microplate Sealing film

The revolutionary microencapsulated clear sealing film for microplates, MicroBurst, circumvents the use of adhesive seals that can easily stick to your glove rather than your microplate. MicroBurst sealing films have been developed to eliminate this problem. With its adhesive encapsulated in millions of tiny spheroids, MicroBurst sealing film is not sticky when first handled and can be quickly and easily moved into position. Only when you are satisfied that the film is in the correct place do you press down hard to burst and activate the MicroBurst adhesive microcapsules. No more mess, no more incorrectly positioned adhesive seals. The clear film has excellent optical properties and once activated, produces a very firm seal which quickly strengths to form a near-permanent seal on your plates. MicroBurst film can be pierced by pipette tips or robot liquid handlers and is temperature stable, making it ideal for PCR work.

light-shielding Glassware

The new VITLAB light-shielding volumetric flasks are made of a specially pigmented polymethyl pentene (PMP) plastic that provides excellent absorption of light. In particular, absorption in the ultraviolet range—below 280 nm and the upper visible range above 580 nm—yet provides sufficient translucency to verify contents and volume, in most applications superior to amber glass. It provides a sunlight protection factor of nearly 20. Flasks are lightweight and break resistant, and provide a cost-effective alternative to glass. Screw-on caps help protect flask contents better than traditional stoppers. Flasks are available in sizes from 10 ml to 1000 ml. All volumes are Class A per DIN EN ISO 1042.

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