Electronic Spin Storage in an Electrically Readable Nuclear Spin Memory with a Lifetime >100 Seconds

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Science  17 Dec 2010:
Vol. 330, Issue 6011, pp. 1652-1656
DOI: 10.1126/science.1197931

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Electron spins are strong candidates with which to implement spintronics because they are both mobile and able to be manipulated. The relatively short lifetimes of electron spins, however, present a problem for the long-term storage of spin information. We demonstrated an ensemble nuclear spin memory in phosphorous-doped silicon, which can be read out electrically and has a lifetime exceeding 100 seconds. The electronic spin information can be mapped onto and stored in the nuclear spin of the phosphorus donors, and the nuclear spins can then be repetitively read out electrically for time periods that exceed the electron spin lifetime. We discuss how this memory can be used in conjunction with other silicon spintronic devices.

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