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Science  14 Jan 2011:
Vol. 331, Issue 6014, pp. 231
DOI: 10.1126/science.331.6014.231-a

Flow Chemistry Systems

The Asia portfolio consists of high performing, flexible, and easy-to-use systems that are scalable and modular, making it ideal for any flow chemistry requirements. The new systems have a wide temperature (-15 °C to 300 °C) and pressure (0–20 bar) range, as well as an ability to safely provide accurate temperature control. With fast reaction times and microgram to kilogram scalability, its unique design enables manual or automated operation with optional PC control. The Asia flow chemistry range consists of three different series, each with three pre-configured systems providing varying levels of functionality. The Asia 1-series are a manually operated, cost-effective choice. The Asia 2-series systems can automatically perform one experiment at a time, with automated parameters such as reaction temperature, pressure, and collection timings. As a result, they are ideal for users not familiar with flow chemistry techniques. Fully automated for process optimization, the Asia 3-series is ideal for high-end applications.

Crimping Tool

The La-Pha-Pack stainless steel cleanroom crimping tools are designed for a controlled, low-effort method of vial sealing. Available in a range of sizes, from 11 mm to 20 mm, the optimal crimp is provided for a variety of vial sizes. Made entirely from stainless steel, it provides maximum durability and easily withstands dry heat sterilization or autoclaving. The product range is ideal for highly sensitive chromatography cleanroom applications where it is essential that the environment remains free from any potential contaminants. The mechanism of the La-Pha-Pack crimping tools is both corrosion- and heat-resistant, making it extremely durable with a long lifespan. Furthermore, the stainless steel construction removes the need for any protective coating on the handle or crimp head. Pressure and height of the La-Pha-Pack stainless steel crimping tools are easily adjustable, enabling optimal torque to be applied to a wide variety of vial styles.

Chromatography Columns

HiScale is a line of pressure-stable empty columns optimized for process development and preparative chromatography. The empty columns are available in inner diameters of 16 mm, 26 mm, and 50 mm and in lengths of 20 cm and 40 cm. The columns offer an easy-to-use design, providing reproducibility, robustness, and process control. HiScale columns are pressure stable up to 20 bar, ensuring compatibility with modern BioProcess media such as MabSelect and Capto. The ability to axially compress the gel bed and a non-rotating plunger mechanism enable a wide range of packing protocols. The measurement scale on the column and user-friendly, ergonomic design enable precise packing, thereby increasing process control and reproducibility. The QuickLock mechanism of the end caps facilitates column handling and cleaning. HiScale columns can be used with nearly all organic solvents commonly used in liquid chromatography of macromolecules. These columns were developed for scale-up during process development, and enable packing with high-flow agarose media which require higher pressure.

Soluble Mammalian Protein Expression

SoluBL21 competent E. coli is a significantly improved BL21 host strain for soluble mammalian protein expression. Using a directed evolution approach, a mutant strain of BL21(DE3) E. coli has been developed that can produce soluble protein in the majority of cases where expression in the parent BL21(DE3) yielded no detectable soluble product. With SoluBL21, a major obstacle to effective protein expression in E. coli has been overcome for many mammalian proteins. This significant improvement should enable scientists to make progress in a wide range of applications quicker and far less expensively than in the past. Use of the SoluBL21 Competent E. coli follows a simple and straightforward protocol, and the product is compatible with all T7 promoter-based expression vectors.

Motorized Pippettes

Extremely comfortable, easy-to-use, accurate, and durable are the main features of the new Pipetman M range. These pipettes, covering the range of 0.5 μL to 1000 μL, are fully motorized and require virtually zero pipetting force. Designed for both experienced and inexperienced users, Pipetman M pipettes are intuitive and require no learning curve. With four essential pipetting modes, including reverse, mix, repetitive, and pipetting, these pipettes offer the same high reproducibility, accuracy, and precision that users expect from Gilson pipette products. The motorized piston virtually eliminates pipetting variability among users. Because the speed of the piston is adjustable, users can pipette denser samples with accuracy and confidence. Other features include lockable volume, service alert reminders, and color-coded push-button that correspond to matching Gilson tip packaging. Also, Pipetman M are fitted with a universal tip holder that ensures a secure fit for most brands of tip, eliminating the need for a dedicated tip brand.

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