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Human Genetics in the Clinic, One Click Away

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Science  04 Feb 2011:
Vol. 331, Issue 6017, pp. 528-529
DOI: 10.1126/science.331.6017.528

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The number of genes identified as factors in human disease has exploded in the past decade, but the volume and the tentative nature of the information are a problem for medicine. Finding a way to give medical practitioners the right genetic information, but not too much, at the point of care is one of the biggest challenges in the field, second only to the main one: developing evidence that genomic medicine can make patients healthier (see main text). Computer technology may come to the rescue. At Intermountain Healthcare network in Salt Lake City, geneticists are using digital tools to slip up-to-date education into the daily run of medicine in ways that doctors may find helpful.

This News story and the one it accompanies, plus another on gene patents (p. 530), launch a series of features this month commemorating the 10th anniversary of Science's and Nature's publications of the human genome, which are gathered here.