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Science  15 Apr 2011:
Vol. 332, Issue 6027, pp. 369
DOI: 10.1126/science.332.6027.369-a

Centrifuge System

The Sorvall RC BIOS centrifuge system is designed for high-speed, high-volume batch bioprocessing applications. The system integrates a six-liter Thermo Scientific Fiberlite carbon fiber rotor and true fit one-liter Thermo Scientific Nalgene bottles to achieve superior yields with faster processing time, making it ideal for bacterial and mammalian cell pelleting, large microbial cultures, and harvesting cell and tissue cultures. The Sorvall RC BIOS centrifuge system can spin up to 15,860 ×g, significantly reducing cycle times. Its small footprint and quiet performance make it ideal for convenient in-lab placement. The high-capacity centrifuge system has a power-saving design that reduces overall processing and development costs, and a robust refrigeration system ensures sample quality that, in turn, reduces lot-to-lot variability.

Epigenetics Detection Assays

A new panel of epigenetics-based detection reagents enable high throughput screening (HTS) for new drug candidates. The new assay kits can screen for epigenetic factors to assist researching diseases such as neurodegeneration and cancer. Drug targets related to epigenetics, the study of heritable changes in genome function not related to DNA sequence changes, are of growing interest in drug discovery due to their relevance in human diseases. The new panel of reagents, which employ LANCE Ultra and AlphaLISA detection technologies, accelerate cancer and neurobiology research by facilitating screening for modulators of DNA activity. The assays are designed to help researchers measure the activity of several epigenetic targets, such as histone methyltransferases (HMTs) and histone acetyltransferases (HATs) that methylate and acetylate histone peptides and proteins. The epigenetics reagents are the only no-wash, nonradiometric antibody-based screening solutions available for medium and high throughput screening laboratories.

Infusion Syringe Pump

The Legato 100 Syringe Pump is a new single-syringe infusion-only pump with a touch screen interface that offers a wide flow rate range of 1.28 pl/min to 88.28 ml/min, accuracy of ±%, and reproducibility of ±5%, making it the perfect syringe pump for flow cytometry, electrospinning, mass spectrometry calibrant delivery, microfluidics, neuroscience applications, and more. Stainless steel, plastic, or glass syringes can be used in the unit. The syringes are held in place by a robust new clamping mechanism. Syringes from 0.5 μl to 60 ml can be used. The large color display on the Legato 100 allows the user to see the pump's operating parameters to ensure proper operation during the experiments. Syringe size and flow rates are displayed as well as the volume delivered and the elapsed time.

MRNA Amplification Kits

ExpressArt mRNA Amplification Kits offer an elegant technological solution for real-time reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction and gene expression array studies that overcomes the limitations of sample quality and quantity. ExpressArt technology allows reproducible and precise analysis of challenging samples including formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue, laser captured microdissections, needle biopsies, and circulating tumor cells. Based on a unique non-Eberwine method using patented TRinucleotide primers and reagents, ExpressArt minimizes loss of sequence associated with two-round amplification procedures and eliminates 3′ bias in amplified products. The resultant RNA produces accurate data on differential expression of low copy number genes that fail to give sufficient signal intensities using alternative methods, allowing direct comparison of data from a wide range of input sample sizes. In addition, using this exclusive primer technology, ExpressArt is able to amplify severely degraded RNA sequences thereby enabling an accurate analysis of RNA with extremely poor RIN values.

Tunable Near-INFRARED Bandpass Filter

The VersaChrome TBP01-800/12 is a widely tunable thin-film optical filter that is pushing tunable imaging into near-infrared territory with a wavelength tuning range of over 100 nm. Unique in the marketplace, VersaChrome filters offer wavelength tunability over a very wide range of wavelengths by adjusting the angle of incidence with essentially no change in spectral performance. VersaChrome tunable filters combine all the performance advantages of thin-film optical filters—including high-average transmission, steep edges, and wide out-of-band blocking—with the center wavelength tuning flexibility of a diffraction grating. The complete set of bandpass filters covers wavelengths from 390 nm to 800 nm. Rectangular filters are immediately available from stock in 25 mm ×36 mm ×2.0 mm size, and custom-sized filters are available in less than a week. These tunable filters are ideal for fluorescence microscopy and measurement applications as well as hyperspectral imaging, high throughput spectroscopy, and any other optical system that can benefit from the spectral and two-dimensional imaging performance of thin-film filters.

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