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Science  13 May 2011:
Vol. 332, Issue 6031, pp. 865
DOI: 10.1126/science.332.6031.865-a

Production-Scale Cell Culture Accessories

New accessories for the Thermo Scientific Nunc EasyFill Cell Factory include a filling tubing set that connects a Nunc EasyFill Cell Factory directly to a media bag or other tube set; a universal adapter cap that can be used with one-half inch ID tubing or as a traditional Cell Factory port; quarter-inch and three-eighths inch barbed caps for the development of custom tubing sets; and filter assembly caps that expand the air-vent capability during fluid transfer(s). Each ready-to-use accessory is gamma radiated and individually packaged to save users time and money by eliminating cleaning and sterility validations. These accessories promote enhanced aseptic handling, improved air venting, and customizable tubing set solutions. The versatile Nunc EasyFill Cell Factories feature both a traditional and a large port, enabling users to fill via pouring, gravity, or peristaltic pumping.

Nucleic Acid/Protein Electroelution

G-CAPSULE is a simple electroelution device which excises DNA or protein bands from agarose and polyacrylamide gels and elutes the sample to a final volume of ~30 μl. Electroelution through G-CAPSULE is a gentle method that eliminates the risk of damage to DNA or protein samples commonly encountered in use of glass milk, spin columns, binding columns, and other popular techniques. The G-CAPSULE method is simple to perform; eliminating additional steps involving washing, spinning, heating, or precipitation. G-CAPSULE has a simple two-part protocol: Simply pick up the protein or nucleic acid band with the G-Pick and assemble it with the G-Trap. The assembled G-CAPSULE is submerged in electrophoresis buffer on a horizontal electrophoresis system and the protein or nucleic acid is rapidly eluted into the G-Trap. The recovered DNA is high quality for use in molecular manipulations such as ligation, restriction enzyme digestion, sequencing, amplification, random priming, and other enzymatic reactions.


The MiraMas Kit uses a novel approach for SYBR Green real-time polymerase chain reaction-based profiling of microRNAs and other small RNAs. This kit incorporates a convenient one-tube protocol to convert all of the microRNAs in a sample into cDNA, while offering researchers flexibility in terms of sample size and number of reactions performed. Using a highly efficient, proprietary 3′ ligation strategy, the MiraMas Kit allows researchers to produce cDNA libraries from up to 150 total or small RNA-enriched samples per kit. Using higher input amounts of RNA, hundreds of microRNA targets can be screened in up to 30 samples per kit. Using lower input amounts of RNAs allows more samples to be processed and screened for a smaller number of microRNA targets per sample. The microRNA targets are amplified using microRNA-specific Forward primers and the Universal Reverse primer included in the kit. The microRNA-specific Forward primers are designed using a simple algorithm that does not require modified nucleotides.

reagent Trough

A new 25 ml trough is designed to reduce waste of valuable reagents in automated liquid handling applications. These troughs have a conical base design to minimize the liquid volume inaccessible to the liquid handling (LiHa) arm, reducing dead volume for conductive liquid level detection (cLLD) by a minimum of a third in comparison to Tecan's standard shaped troughs, and down to at least 500 μl for manual adjustment of tip positioning. Made of grey polypropylene, the new troughs are suitable for light-sensitive reagents, and can easily be sealed for convenient reagent transport. They are available in Tecan Pure standard—certified to be free from contamination by human DNA, RNase, DNase, and PCR inhibitors—making them ideal for molecular diagnostics, forensics, and genomics research

Human MTOR Protein

The OriGene MTOR protein is the first commercially available full-length human MTOR protein with superior biological activity. MTOR is a serine/threonine protein kinase that regulates cell growth, cell proliferation, cell motility, cell survival, protein synthesis, and transcription. Purified, functional MTOR is highly desirable in high throughput functional screening assays and drug target discovery. Produced in mammalian cells, OriGene MTOR protein maintains the most authentic protein structure compared to truncated forms of the protein produced in bacterial or insect cells. When tested in a homogeneous time-resolved fluorescent (HTRF) assay, OriGene full-length MTOR demonstrated a high level of serine/threonine kinase activity.

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