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Science  20 May 2011:
Vol. 332, Issue 6032, pp. 985
DOI: 10.1126/science.332.6032.985-a

Dual-Membrane Syringe Filters

The Phenex-GF/NY dual-membrane syringe filters are designed for viscous, particulate-laden samples. The new filter incorporates a glass layer, through which the sample passes first for elimination of heavy particulates, increasing the effectiveness of the second, nylon fiber membrane. By removing particulates from the sample, the syringe filter prevents buildup and blockage of chromatography columns and frits while minimizing wear and tear on injection valves. Proper sample filtration can ultimately reduce system downtime and component replacement. Ideal for any applications with highly viscous or heavily particulate-laden samples, such as foods, biological fluids, soil, and fermentation broths, Phenex-GF/NY performs at higher capacity than nylon-only filters and requires less hand pressure to filter the sample. Phenex syringe filters are optimized for superior flow rates and high throughput. Target applications include food and beverage, and environmental testing.

Protease Inhibitor cocktail

FOCUS ProteaseArrest is a ready-to-use, 100x concentrated broad range protease inhibitor cocktail that is fully compatible with 2D electrophoresis and subsequent mass spectrometry. The protease inhibitor cocktail contains reversible and irreversible inhibitors of serine, cysteine, calpain, and metalloproteases. Due to the optimized concentration of the various inhibitors, FOCUS ProteaseArrest shows excellent inhibition of protease activities and is therefore suitable for the protection of protein samples from animal tissues, plants, yeast, and bacteria. FOCUS ProteaseArrest is compatible with 2D electrophoresis as it uses an alternative to EDTA as an inhibitor of metalloproteases. The absence of EDTA allows for optimal action of nucleases or removing nucleic acids from the samples. For additional convenience, OneQuant ProteaseArrest is available as a single use aliquot suitable for >95 percent protease inhibition in 10 ml solutions.

Kinase Enrichment Kits

The Thermo Scientific Pierce Kinase Enrichment Kits use novel ATP- and ADP-based probes developed by ActivX Biosciences to covalently modify active sites of ATPases, including kinases, chaperones, and metabolic enzymes. The probes feature a desthiobiotin tag, a biotin analog, attached to the nucleotide. The nucleotide binds to the active site of the kinase, whereas the desthiobiotin tag allows for capture and enrichment of the bound kinase. The desthiobiotin tag binds less tightly to biotin-binding proteins, making the capture bond easily reversible by biotin displacement, low pH, or heat. The isolated proteins then can be further studied by Western blot analysis or mass spectrometry. The system is useful for inhibitor profiling and IC50 determinations. The Pierce Kinase Enrichment Kit is available with either an ActivX ATP- or ADP-based probe and includes all labeling and enrichment reagents. Both ActivX Probes are also available separately.

thermo-conductive plate holder

Used as an interface between a microplate and crushed ice, the BioCision CoolSink thermo-conductive plate holder provides fast equilibration of all wells to below 4°and excellent well-to-well temperature uniformity. Many experimental and clinical applications require low-temperature control for culture plates. Placing a plate on BioCision's thermo-conductive CoolSink and then putting the assembly on ice brings all wells to or below 4° This setup provides a very simple way for researchers to ensure that all their samples are treated uniformly with no "plate edge effect." CoolSink is an ideal tool for increasing the reproducibility of results in a variety of applications, such as cell-based assays, ELISA, FACS staining and analysis, migration or adhesion studies, temperature shift assays, or any work with temperature-sensitive biomarkers.

Phosphopeptide Enrichment Kit

Recently, titanium dioxide (TiO2) has been demonstrated to enrich phosphopeptides from complex peptide mixtures. This methodology has provided a solution for this challenging analytical task; however, the technology has not been optimized. Protea Biosciences has improved upon its previously existing TiO2 product with the release of the new TiO2 SpinTip Sample Prep Kit (SP-154). This kit contains tips and reagents for the enrichment of phosphopeptides from complex mixtures such as protein digest samples. The reformulated reagent solutions are specially formulated to maximize the retention of phosphorylated peptides, while simultaneously minimizing the retention of nonphosphorylated peptides.

Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit

The Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit (OFCU-1) provides a highly safe tool for preparing samples for elemental analysis of halogens, sulfur, phosphorus, and a number of metals using the Schöer flask method. The Schöer flask method is a well-proven technique for combusting samples prior to elemental analysis by ion chromatography or titration. The durably constructed OFCU-1 copes easily with a wide range of sample types and is very simple to set up, use, and maintain. Built with operator safety in mind, the OFCU-1 remotely ignites samples inside a safety interlocked chamber using focused infrared heat from two tungsten-halogen lamps. Integral pressure vents ensure safe release of excess reaction pressure. A thick black acrylic observation window is provided on the OFCU-1 to allow users to visually check ignition has taken place.

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