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Science  17 Jun 2011:
Vol. 332, Issue 6036, pp. 1449
DOI: 10.1126/science.332.6036.1449-a

Colony Picking Robotics

The integrated Pickolo colony-picker, for the Freedom EVO liquid handling platforms, provides customers with a complete solution for automation of molecular biology workflows, from cloning to polymerase chain reaction sequencing or cell-based screening. SciRobotics developed Pickolo specifically for the Freedom EVO. This application enables fully automated colony picking from both petri dish and multiwell plate formats, combining high-resolution digital-imaging technology with flexible, easy-to-use analysis software to select individual colonies. The selection criteria are based on user-defined criteria, including size, shape, and color. The Pickolo provides reliable, automated picking of up to 800 colonies an hour, and is fully interfaced with Freedom EVOware, ensuring seamless integration with upstream and downstream processes for improved laboratory productivity. The technology can be extended to be used for fluorescent labeled colonies, including a Tecan detection device.

FTIR Software

The Horizon MB Software Suite provides consistent, repeatable results and simplified quality assurance. This software suite is ideal for petroleum, chemical, life sciences, semiconductor industries, and academic and research operations. Horizon MB FTIR streamlines quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) applications for laboratory staff by providing intuitive workflow along with integrated spectrometer and accessory control. This software guides the user through every step of the process, from collecting reference data to designing QA/QC applications to deployment of turnkey methods. It also provides support for customized messages in any language. Horizon MB FT-NIR Software offers all the features required to perform routine qualitative and quantitative material analysis. It ensures precise and repeatable results, with an easy-to-use and operator-friendly interface as well as CFR21 part 11 compliance. This suite includes Horizon MB FTIR v3.1 and Horizon MB QA. Horizon MB QA works with ABB's MB3000 or MB3600 spectrometers.

Human Molecular Karyotyping Panel

The nCounter Human Karyotype Panel is a multiplexed assay kit for human molecular karyotyping that provides a cost-effective way to monitor cell line quality and perform cytogenetics research. With this kit, researchers can accurately quantify chromosome number and detect aneuploidy—the existence of less or more than the normal two chromosomes in a diploid genome. These assays are ideal for monitoring human-derived samples and cell lines for chromosomal abnormalities, with less hands-on time than any other product. Additional applications include screening human samples for clinical research and nonhuman cell lines for human contamination as well as next generation sequencing library quality control.

Scratch Assay Alternative

The Oris Cell Migration Assay presents a superior quantitative, high throughput alternative to the scratch assay. The assay has been shown to offer a superior alternative, permitting the formation of precisely placed and homogeneously sized cell-free areas into which migration can occur, without releasing factors from wounded or dead cells. During cell seeding, Oris Assays use silicon stoppers or a nontoxic biocompatible gel (BCG) to form a centrally located and temporary cell-free zone on cell culture surfaces in a 96- or 384-well format. After removal of the stoppers or dissolution of the BCG, the migration of cells into the detection zone can be observed either in real time or after further experimental processing. This breakthrough product enables researchers to capture and quantify cell migration data while substantially improving assay efficiency and dramatically reducing assay costs. The Oris cell migration platform offers a robust and statistically validated assay capable of supporting quantitative compound evaluation using a single determination per data point.

Infrared Spectrometer

The Frontier Infrared Spectrometer is a high-performance infrared FTIR spectrometer designed to meet diverse FTIR challenges, ranging from everyday measurements to the most advanced, complex analyses. The instrument combines best-in-class sensitivity with flexibility for many diverse sectors, from polymers and chemicals to consumer goods and pharmaceuticals. Delivering unmatched respectability of transmission spectra, Frontier's superb sensitivity and configurability ensure superior performance in demanding applications. Offering more optimized sampling options than any other FTIR in its class, Frontier's optical flexibility enables the addition of a vast array of specialized accessories to meet a wide range of sampling challenges—whether checking for batch conformity or microcontamination. A modular and upgradeable platform combined with exceptional signal-to-noise ratio assures optimal spectral performance for near-, mid-, and far-infrared spectroscopic analysis. The unique automated range changing capability allows multiple techniques to be utilized at the touch of a button, with the flexible optical system also permitting the addition of microscopy and imaging systems for detailed materials analysis.

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