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Science  22 Jul 2011:
Vol. 333, Issue 6041, pp. 478
DOI: 10.1126/science.333.6041.478-a

Ductless Fume Hood

The new Purair ECO line of energy-saving ductless fume hoods are designed for both chemical and particulate protection over a broad range of laboratory and industrial applications. Development of the Purair ECO is in response to an increasing worldwide demand for safe, cost-effective, and energy-efficient ductless containment cabinets that minimize stress on facility HVAC systems without compromising protection for personnel and the environment. The Purair ECO is available with a choice of controllers including the company's new ECOairT touchpad control with color display interface. An optional BACnet network interface connects all cabinet control, monitoring, and alarm functions to an open-source facility monitoring system. The system is based on an industry-wide, nonproprietary ASHRAE compliant protocol for green building management. The Purair ECO is available in five standard sizes from 30 to 69 inches wide.

High Content Cell Analysis

The IN Cell Analyzer 6000 is a high-performance, laser-based, confocal imaging platform designed for the most demanding high content cellular assays and screens including live cell assays, 3D imaging, co-localization studies, and imaging of assays with low signal. IN Cell Analyzer 6000 has a proprietary optical system which features a variable, iris-like aperture which mimics the action of the eye. The fully adjustable aperture is intuitively controlled via the user interface, and can be adjusted to be used in: Open mode to maximize speed, full confocal mode to maximize image quality and background rejection, or any setting in between to optimize the imaging performance of a specific biology for each channel of an assay. With a CMOS camera that delivers a four times larger field of view with five times less noise than traditional CCD cameras, the IN Cell Analyzer 6000 delivers significantly increased sensitivity and reduced exposure times to maximize throughput in screening settings.

DNA Polymerases

OneTaq and OneTaq Hot Start DNA Polymerases are optimized blends of Taq and Deep VentRDNA Polymerases, offering robust amplification across a wide range of templates, including routine, AT-rich, and GC-rich amplicons. The 3′–5′ exonuclease activity of Deep Vent increases the fidelity and robustness of Taq, while the optimized buffers further enhance yield and product purity, regardless of a template's GC content. In addition, OneTaq Hot Start DNA Polymerase utilizes aptamer technology; New England BioLab's unique aptamer blocks polymerase activity at temperatures below 45°and the polymerase is activated during normal cycling conditions. Available in convenient product formats, including master mixes, OneTaq shows exceptional performance, especially when amplifying difficult or GC-rich templates.

Glycoprotein Staining Kit

Two protein stains in one kit: A specific glycosylated protein stain and a total protein stain. The kit offers enhanced and improved detection of glycoproteins with nanogram sensitivity and is fully compatible with polyacrylamide gels and nitrocellulose membranes. The Glycoprotein Staining Kit uses an enhanced periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) method for detection of glycoprotein sugars. The total protein stain is RAPIDstain, an enhanced Coomassie stain, which can be used after glycoprotein staining to detect non-glycosylated proteins and enhance glycoproteins. Supplied with the two stains and a unique positive and negative control, the kit is sufficient for 10 minigels (8 ×8 cm) or 20 nitrocellulose membranes (8 ×8 cm).

Tissue Sample Freezing

HistoChill is a new low-temperature, mechanically refrigerated bath for the rapid freezing of tissue samples. Operating down to -80° without the need for hazardous and costly expendable refrigerants, the compact tabletop HistoChill freezes tissues in just seconds, increasing a lab's throughput. Using a liquid medium, the HistoChill rapidly and thoroughly freezes samples, minimizing ice crystal formation compared with the slow freezing rates encountered in a cryotome. Frost buildup is minimized while introducing and extracting samples from the bath through integration of a warming loop on the upper outside wall of the refrigeration chamber. A hinged and insulated lid provides easy access to the bath. The HistoChill is available in two configurations: The basic HistoChill for general freezing applications and the advanced model with built-in magnetic stirrer and temperature control for more demanding tissue-specific or R&D applications. The advanced model includes digital set point and temperature indication.

Gene Delivery System

The GDS-80 is a patented, innovative gene delivery tool for performing gene-transferring experiments on both plant and animal targeting samples. Adopting the concepts of aerodynamics, the GDS-80 can be operated under very low pressure settings. The system not only delivers gold particle samples, but also naked DNA samples by using nitrogen gas or helium gas to directly accelerate the bioparticle up to supersonic speed. The low pressure used to drive particles into the cells results in less damage to the cells with minimal noise. The GDS-80 is an easy-to-use gene gun. Using simple adjustments of delivery distance and pressure the possibility of damaging the targets is greatly reduced.

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