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Science  19 Aug 2011:
Vol. 333, Issue 6045, pp. 1044
DOI: 10.1126/science.333.6045.1044-a

Mini Centrifuge

The multifuge Mini Centrifuge eliminates the need to change rotors when switching between microtubes and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) strips and provides twice the capacity of traditional mini centrifuges. The multifuge features an innovative duoROTOR design that enables the simultaneous spinning of 12 microtubes and four PCR strips, which effectively doubles its capacity compared to most conventional mini centrifuges. With near silent operation and a fixed speed that produces 2,000 ×g, the centrifuge is ideal for quick spin-downs. Simply close the lid and the unit quickly ramps up to 5,500 rpm; open the lid and the rotor quickly decelerates to enable removal of samples. The multifuge can accommodate smaller 0.5- and 0.6- ml tubes and can also be used with low-cost optional adapters. At just 14 cm wide ×11 cm high and weighing 1.1 kg, the ultra-compact multifuge is a truly personal-sized centrifuge that will fit on the smallest benchtop space, yet provides unmatched capacity and flexibility.  

Strainer Bags

The application range for Seward's Strainer bags has been expanded to include sterile processing of tissue samples for primary cell preparation. Sterilized by gamma irradiation and available in a range of sizes, the Strainer bags are fully compatible with all laboratory paddle blenders, including Seward's Stomacher 80 Biomaster range. As the Strainer bags are small, fully containable units which are easily used in a sterile environment, this has enabled new applications in cell culture. The 0.5 mm pore size of the integrated, robust strainer element within the Strainer bag generates a uniformly homogenous cell suspension. This allows the cells' passage through the pores of the central straining matrix and prevents contamination with undigested extracellular material that can block pipettes. Produced to provide a sterile, secure environment for the preparation of single cell suspensions, the Strainer bag is ideal for individually processing a large number of samples.

LDL Cholesterol Quantification Assay

The MaxDiscovery LDL Cholesterol Assay Kit is designed to simplify LDL cholesterol analysis in rodents. It uses extremely low sample sizes with only 2 μl of serum or plasma required for each reaction. The MaxDiscovery LDL Cholesterol Assay Kit is a simple, one-step, microplate-based method. The kit also offers high sensitivity and a low detection limit of 10 mg/dL. The MaxDiscovery LDL Cholesterol Assay Kit includes a control solution containing a LDL cholesterol standard that can be used to calibrate the assay and generate a standard curve. The small sample size and rapid, 10-minute assay make this kit ideal for research purposes.

Lentivirus Reprogramming Kit

The Human STEMCCA Lentivirus Reprogramming Kit generates induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from human adult cells more efficiently than previous methods. Because STEMCCA kits use a single lentiviral vector instead of four separate vectors, the kits reduce the number of viral integrations required for the derivation of iPS cells; increase reprogramming efficiency; and create more homogeneous, reproducible iPS cell populations. In addition, STEMCCA Cre-excisable kits allow for easy removal of the reprogramming vector, which has been shown to improve the developmental potential of iPS cells and significantly increase their capacity to undergo directed differentiation in vitro. The humanized version of the STEMCCA lentivirus expresses human Oct4, Klf4, Sox2, and c-Myc factors from a single polycistronic transcript. It can be used to reprogram normal or diseased postnatal human skin fibroblasts. Mouse STEMCCA kits are available for reprogramming mouse and other rodent somatic cells.

Compact Balances

The durable and compact Core Compact Balances come in seven models and are designed for easy storage, making them perfect for the classroom setting. The battery and AC power supply also make them portable and useful for fieldwork. The Core is extremely affordable and comes with a large backlit digital display, color-coded keypad, and a removable stainless steel pan. Other useful features include full-range tare and dual tare keys, zero tracking, simple four-button operation, and external calibration. The Core offers overload protection in case of accidental overloading. The removable draft shield, available on most units, provides added stability and improves accuracy. The Core also has a security feature—a slot that allows the use of a standard Kensington-type lock and cable to prevent theft.

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Assay

The new Chromatin ImmunoPrecipitation assay (ChIP) kit contains 24 assays and is based upon the novel Chromatrap Pro-A ChIP technology. Chromatrap is a new technology that offers a quicker, easier, and more efficient way of undertaking chromatin immunoprecipitation assays. The new kits use revolutionary Chromatrap Pro-A spin columns that contain discs of an inert, porous polymer to which protein A has been covalently attached. During an assay, the chromatin/antibody complex is retained by the disc. Flushing with three buffers and an elution step are all that is required to obtain the DNA fragments of interest. The new Chromatrap spin column approach offers significant advantages compared to methods based on sepharose or magnetic beads, which involve many steps of separation, pipetting, and resuspension. The BioVyon protein A discs used in Chromatrap spin columns' internal structure are composed of pores that have inner surfaces specifically designed to maximize chromatin capture efficiency.

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