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Science  26 Aug 2011:
Vol. 333, Issue 6046, pp. 1167
DOI: 10.1126/science.333.6046.1167-a

High-Performance Separation-ESI Module

The CESI 8000 High-Performance Separation-ESI Module with OptiMS Technology consists of the first commercial CESI sprayer combined with new capillary electrophoresis instrumentation specifically designed for mass spectrometry (MS). This gives researchers a robust, high-sensitivity interface of capillary electrophoresis (CE) with MS, while providing a broad range of analyte coverage complementary to liquid chromatography-MS and gas chromatography-MS. OptiMS Technology integrates an intrinsically low flow CE separation with electrospray ionization (ESI) in a single, dynamic process that takes place within a capillary. The new process is referred to as CESI, reflecting the combination. CESI-MS is capable of generating separations of peptides with a high peak capacity (>320), allowing the analysis of very complex samples at the proteome level. The ultralow flow rates used by CE effectively reduce ion suppression and make it possible to detect posttranslational modifications that typically hamper efficient ionization. High-separation efficiency and sensitivity permit the detection of peptides present at picoMolar concentrations.

Protein and Peptide Microarray

The ProArray Ultra is a uniquely powerful protein and peptide array platform, which is more sensitive than optimized ECL ELISA. The new platform allows analysis of more than 30,000 peptides or proteins at once, and typically requires only 1μl of analyte sample. With its sensitivity and flexibility, ProArray Ultra overcomes the traditional trade off between optimized 96-well plate-based assays, which are reliable and have good performance characteristics but lack the required throughput, and high throughput array technologies, which are typically only semiquantitative. Analysis with ProArray Ultra is provided by ProImmune to customers as a turnkey service and will enable a broad new range of research programs that are in many cases simply not feasible with existing approaches. Applications include antigen and monoclonal antibody characterization, analysis of serum antibody specificity, correlation of antibody responses with disease onset, progression and outcome, protein-protein interaction site mapping, iterative peptide and protein design, and general bioassay design.

Cytoskeleton and Associated Protein Enrichment

Two new ProteoExtract Kits enable researchers to more rapidly and effectively enrich, isolate, and analyze the cytoskeleton and associated proteins. The ProteoExtract Cytoskeleton Enrichment and Isolation kit provides the necessary extraction buffers to quickly and selectively remove soluble cytoplasmic and nuclear protein fractions for downstream biochemical analysis including Western blot and mass spectrometry. The assay is performed in as little as 20 minutes and foregoes the need for harsh buffers and centrifugation, thus retaining more of the native focal adhesion- and actin-associated proteins, as compared to traditional protein fractionation methods.The ProteoExtract Native Cytoskeleton Enrichment and Staining Kit includes the necessary reagents to efficiently enrich, retain, and visualize the cytoskeleton and associated proteins in their native, adhered conformations with the same gentle technique. The kit also includes labeled phalloidin and antibodies against vinculin and glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) as markers for visualization and colocalization of the actin cytoskeleton, focal adhesions, and cytosol for immunofluorescence analysis.

Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

The Biotage Initiator+ SP Wave is a versatile synthesis solution as it can be used as a stand-alone peptide synthesizer or easily converted to a high specification microwave assisted organic synthesis (MAOS) system. It is the ideal development tool for chemists synthesizing peptides, peptidomimetics, and small molecules using single or multistep procedures. The Initiator+ SP Wave is perfectly suited for the small scale synthesis of peptides and peptidomimetics including peptide nucleic acid using microwave irradiation, from a scale as low as 5 μmol. The semiautomated operation can reduce the consumption and waste of expensive reagents that occur in other systems due to priming or use of large dead volumes. The system includes a large 10-inch touchscreen, intuitive software, pre- or self-defined methods, inert gas capability, vortex, and magnetic stirring.

3D Cell Culture Scaffold

Alvetex is a unique cell culture scaffold that enables genuine three-dimensional (3D) cell culture to be grown routinely and cost-effectively. Alvetex provides a stable and inert scaffold for cells to grow, mimicking in vivo growth and formation of tissues in the body. Alvetex has a highly porous architecture that is specifically tailored for 3D cell culture and designed to be compatible with existing cell culture techniques and post cell culture analysis. Extensively tested and validated with a large number of cell types, Alvetex enables the formation of complex 3D cellular structures, increases viability, decreases cell death, and enhances cell function. Using this unique material, cells can be visualized by confocal or live-cell imaging or treated like tissue. With Alvetex, it's easy to process cells for histological staining, immunocytochemistry, and electron microscopy. Viable cells can also be isolated by Alvetex for passaging or flow cytometry.

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