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Science  14 Oct 2011:
Vol. 334, Issue 6053, pp. 259
DOI: 10.1126/science.334.6053.259-a


The CryoStar NX70 Cryostat is designed for higher sectioning quality and increased user comfort. The new cryostat accommodates a wide range of cryotomy applications for both clinical and research use. The intelligent design of the Cryostar NX70 combines user comfort with Rapid Response Temperature Control and an innovative knife carrier feed to deliver precise section thickness and consistency. Quick and reproducible instrument setup is simple with the CryoStar NX70's intuitive LCD display and electronic touch screen, together with joystick control. Fine adjustment specimen orientation on all axes enables fast and easy specimen alignment. The innovative Temperature Control system adjusts quickly to changes in settings, enabling rapid cooling as well as consistent and precise temperature control. Three user-defined favorites enable frequently used temperature settings to be instantly recalled.

Bottletop Dispenser

The new Dispensette TA bottletop dispenser is designed for dispensing high-purity chemicals for trace analysis. With a fluid path composed of materials such as PFA, PTFE, and sapphire, the Dispensette TA can be used for analysis in the PPB and PPT range. With a volume range of 1 to 10 mL the Dispensette TA is available in two different models, depending on the reagents and testing performed: one with valve springs constructed of platinum-iridium and one with tantalum springs. The platinum-iridium version is also suitable for dispensing of hydrofluoric acid (HF). The instrument features many of the safety and convenience features of other Dispensette models such as a removable SafetyPrime valve. The wiping seal dispensing cartridge helps maintain reagent integrity, and can be easily replaced by the user. Replacements are supplied with quality certificate. An optional flexible discharge tube (not for HF) facilitates serial dispensing.

Inverted Microscope

The EVOS xl core is a fully integrated digital imaging system for cell culture work that includes an inverted microscope, high-resolution digital camera, and an LCD display. EVOS' novel, user-oriented design provides top-quality imaging combined with unprecedented ease of use. A key feature of the EVOS xl core is its all-in-one design: digital camera, precision optics, high-resolution display, and USB thumb drive with image capture. The EVOS xl core offers precision optics integrated with a high-resolution camera and display, a small footprint that makes the microscope compact and portable and allows operation from inside cell culture hoods and cabinets, and easy installation—with no maintenance, assembly, alignment, or calibration required.


The Eon Microplate Spectrophotometer combines high performance and high value in microplate-based absorbance readings. The Eon's monochromator-based optics allow flexible, filter-free 200–999 nm wavelength selection in 1 nm increments, and spectral scanning for 6- to 384-well microplates. An optional cuvette port expands functionality to cuvette-based assays and also aids in assay miniaturization to microplates or the 2 μL volumes used with BioTek's Take3 and new Take3 Trio Micro-Volume Plates. Additional features include superior 4-Zone temperature control with incubation up to 65° and walk-away automation when paired with robotics. Linear, orbital, and double orbital-shake modes are customizable for easy assay optimization in biofuel research, cell proliferation, cytotoxicity studies, and many more applications. Eon is powered by the new Gen5 2.0 Data Analysis Software for intuitive reader control and unsurpassed data analysis. Flexible and customizable data export includes publication-ready reports, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and output to LIMS/LIS.

Benchtop Centrifuge

The medium capacity Allegra X-30 Series Benchtop Centrifuge is a compact, 18-inch-wide instrument that is available individually or packaged with the appropriate rotors and labware to provide high-level performance in a range of applications. Additionally, two new rotors are available in conjunction with the Allegra X-30 instruments: the SX4400, a 1.6 L swinging-bucket rotor, and the S6096 microplate rotor that accommodates 3 ×2 microplates or 2 ×1 deep-well plates. In total, the Allegra X-30 accepts 13 different rotors and a range of labware to accommodate a variety of samples and run conditions. Operation is intuitive and the large interface is visible from just about anywhere in a moderately sized laboratory. A refrigerated version of the centrifuge, the X-30R, can be cooled from room temperature down to 4°in less than 10 minutes.

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