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Science  28 Oct 2011:
Vol. 334, Issue 6055, pp. 532
DOI: 10.1126/science.334.6055.532-a

Orbital Shaker

The MIR-S100C is a compact orbital shaker designed specifically for use in high humidity and/or elevated CO2 concentration conditions. With the orbital shaker mounted inside the incubator and an independent controller placed externally, the MIR-S100C offers simple, secure operation suitable for cell culture applications within good manufacturing practice environments. The structural design of the MIR-S100C incorporates antibacterial copper alloy stainless steel for the shaker section, with a small window that can be used for spraying disinfectant inside. The controller is a separate unit, preventing humidity from affecting the electrical components and enabling operation to be monitored without opening the incubator. Revolution speed is adjustable from 40 to 200 rpm and the timer can be set for up to 99.9 hours or continuous operation. A soft start function protects samples from spilling or foaming inside flasks and test tubes.

Sample Concentrators

The Thermo Scientific Pierce Concentrators, PES are for concentrating, desalting, or exchanging buffers of small-volume biological samples, including proteins and nucleic acids. The concentrators contain a vertical polyethersulfone (PES) membrane for the centrifugal processing of sample volumes between 100 to 500 μL. This unique design allows for 10- to 30-fold sample concentration in 10 minutes, with greater than 90% recoveries. The disposable Pierce Concentrators, PES are available in four distinct molecular-weight cutoffs (MWCOs) of 3 K, 10 K, 30 K, and 100 K. The MWCOs are etched on the sides of the concentrators for easy identification, while a clear window with graduations marked on the side of each device allows for visual determination of the retentate volume. The concentrators are compatible with most benchtop microcentrifuges with fixed-angle rotors that accommodate 2.2 mL tubes. The Pierce Concentrators, PES are available in packs of 25.

Endotoxins/Pyrogens Removal

EndotoxinOUT is an ideal product for the removal of endotoxins from buffers, cell culture media, protein solutions, nucleic acid (DNA) samples, and pharmacological components. EndotoxinOUT consists of 6% cross-linked agarose covalently linked to polymyxin B to bind and remove harmful pyrogens from a solution. Polymyxin B binds to the bacterial lipopolysaccharide layer neutralizing the endotoxic activity. EndotoxinOUT has the capacity to remove 99.95% of endotoxins. EndotoxinOUT is a stable matrix that resists leaching, and is therefore reusable at least 10 times. Available as resin or spin column format.

Vacuum System

The VACUUBRAND PC620 NT integrated vacuum system provides independent electronic control of two vacuum applications simultaneously. Run two rotary evaporators, a rotary evaporator, and centrifugal concentrator, or many other combinations. Integrated check valves protect each application's independent vacuum-level settings and virtually eliminate the potential for cross-contamination. Vacuum is provided by a powerful MD4C NT diaphragm vacuum pump with a flowpath consisting of chemically resistant fluoropolymers. An ultimate vacuum of 1.5 mbar is deep enough to evaporate most common solvents at room temperature; free air capacity is a robust 63 liters/minute. High flowrate at working vacuum levels provides the power required for most large lab applications. The typical maintenance interval is 10,000–15,000 hours—several years in typical operation. Two independent CVC3000 vacuum controllers with integrated vent valves allow programming of set points or storing of up to 10 complex pumping programs. Solvent recovery glassware and a space-saving stand complete the package.

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Gel Casting

The MSSCREEN Flexicaster overcomes the problems often associated with casting large horizontal gels for DNA and RNA electrophoresis applications. Larger, high-resolution separations require a completely level gel to ensure accurate band resolution over long distances and run times. The innovative clamping technique utilized in the MSSCREEN Flexicaster eliminates these problems. The clamping design means that the gel trays remain completely level during the casting process to ensure accurate band migration, even when gels are poured at temperatures as high as 80° The MSSCREENS gel tanks, which have a capacity of up to 672 samples, are ideal for separating large numbers of nucleic acid samples from polymerase chain reactions or cloning. Also, their maximum run length of 32 cm means these tanks are ideal for high-resolution separations of restriction fragments. The MSSCREEN Flexicaster can also be used for casting gels from other electrophoresis units for a variety of gel lengths.

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