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Science  11 Nov 2011:
Vol. 334, Issue 6057, pp. 833
DOI: 10.1126/science.334.6057.833-a

Thermal Cycler

The T100 thermal cycler is a compact, reliable, and economical 96-well polymerase chain reaction instrument with an easy-to-use graphical touchscreen. The T100 thermal cycler is ideally suited for small labs or for scientists who prefer a personal instrument on their bench. The user interface allows researchers to edit, run, and save protocols with ease. The system also provides a way for researchers to stay organized by either storing protocols in personalized folders or exporting them to a USB flash drive. In addition, researchers can expedite their experiments by using the thermal gradient technology on the T100 thermal cycler to optimize assay conditions. The thermal cycler can test eight annealing temperatures simultaneously to determine the optimal temperature for high reaction specificity and yield. The T100 thermal cycler provides accurate and uniform heating for sample volumes between 1 and 100 μL, which leads to consistent results. Complete hermetic sealing of the thermoelectric components ensures long-lasting performance.

Electronic Pipetting

Gel Documentation System

The new GENi2 gel documentation system is ideal for scientists wanting to produce accurate images of fluorescent DNA gels, as well as fluorescent protein gels, in seconds. The versatile GENi2 can be used for many DNA and protein gel imaging applications. The system features a compact darkroom containing a 2 megapixel resolution camera, motor-driven lens, and six position motorized filter wheel, all controlled by an internal high-speed processor. To quickly set up image capture, image manipulation, and image rotation, researchers use an integrated intuitive touchscreen rather than an external computer, meaning the system takes up minimal bench space. The GENi2 darkroom comes complete with a slide-out trans-illuminator and white light table for visualizing DNA and protein gels. The GeneTools image analysis software comes free of charge with the system, allowing scientists to accurately analyze their images.

Flow Cytometer

COPAS large particle flow cytometers can analyze and sort objects that are too large or too fragile for traditional flow cytometers. Lower operating pressures and soft-touch air-jet diverter technology means even delicate samples like adipocytes or stem cell clusters are dispensed intact and viable. The new HTS Option package is designed for high throughput screening applications involving large numbers of objects to be sorted into large numbers of microtiter output plates. This option can be added to any new COPAS or BioSorter model and includes liquid level sensors, leak, and clog detectors as well as automatic sample pressure control for walk-away operation. The system stops and activates status lights to notify an operator when reservoirs need refilling or other attention is required. A software option can "slave" the system to a robotic plate handler.

Hotplate Safety Shield

The new Compact Lab Safety Shield fits neatly around any stirrer hotplate to provide robust, convenient protection from splashes, aerosols, and spills. Ideal for use where fume hood space is at a premium, the Safety Shield offers additional protection for chemists in the event of a tube or cap failure under pressure, even if the fume hood sash is raised. Manufactured from 5 mm polycarbonate, the Safety Shield is resistant to a range of commonly used laboratory solvents and is temperature-resistant to 170° Designed with a small footprint to maximize fume hood space, the shield maintains access to hotplate controls and gives good all-round visibility of the reaction or process. In addition to giving essential protection in applications such as heated parallel reactions in tubes, especially those operating under pressure, the device also shields reactions from the cooling effect of ventilation.

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