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Science  18 Nov 2011:
Vol. 334, Issue 6058, pp. 1004
DOI: 10.1126/science.334.6058.1004-a

IHC/ISH Platform

The Leica BOND RX is a truly open, fully automated immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) platform, which delivers researchers the freedom they need to make breakthrough discoveries for new cancer treatments. The efficiency of full automation is matched to unlimited reagent selection and freely customizable protocols. Where previous research platforms were restrictive, the Leica BOND RX offers unprecedented choice with researchers able to select the ideal reagents, dispense sequences, and incubation conditions for any study. Drug discovery trials and cancer research are further enhanced by exceptional staining quality and total tissue care. With precise automation, Leica BOND RX delivers the consistency needed for detailed analysis while the unique Covertile system provides maximum protection for every sample so vital information is not lost. Early and late-stage researchers will also appreciate the speed and efficiency of Leica BOND RX.

Robotic Autosampler

Compatible with Thermo Scientific GC and GC/MS systems, the TriPlus RSH Autosampler sets new standards in automation and provides advanced liquid handling cycles that enable automated functionality beyond traditional liquid, headspace, and solid-phase microextraction (SPME) injections. Designed to provide exceptional repeatability and reliability, the TriPlus RSH Autosampler delivers high-quality analytical results and features precise built-in automation to improve productivity and prevent human error. The groundbreaking Automatic Tool Change (ATC) capability enables seamless operation by automating the exchange of syringes for different tasks in a single, unattended sequence prior to sample injection. Another significant feature provided by this new sampling system is the ability to expand unattended operations and productivity by offering unprecedented sample capacity. A sample vial capacity of 648 2 mL vials, combined with multiple 100 mL wash/waste bottles, allows the TriPlus RSH to achieve weekend-long unattended operations.

Automated DNA/NA Isolation Kits

The Certal Extraction Kits—the QIAsymphony Certal Residual DNA Kit and Vaccine NA Kit—are designed for the automated DNA isolation of host cell residues and viral nucleic acids in biopharmaceuticals. With the new kits, residual DNA is automatically isolated with the QIAsymphony system from a variety of sample matrices, including bioprocess purification buffer, cell culture supernatant, or vaccine preparations. The kits provide an automated benchtop system that minimizes manual hands-on time with optimized protocols that ensure consistent, reproducible results that meet regulatory requirements.

SPE Workstation

The RapidTrace+ SPE Workstation is a robust, automated system for quickly developing rugged, reliable solid-phase extraction (SPE) methods. The powerful, high throughput system is dedicated specifically for SPE, eliminates bottlenecks and allows users the ability to realize the full benefits of today's powerful analytical instruments. RapidTrace+ is fully compatible with 1, 3, and 6 mL SPE columns. Productivity is increased with a five-position rack for 40 mL scintillation vials, allowing for larger sample volumes to be processed. The modular design of the RapidTrace+ allows for up to 10 workstations to be linked and controlled by one computer. In its full modular configuration, these units can process up to 100 samples per hour. Easy-to-use and intuitive software dramatically increases the speed and reduces the effort involved in method development. Methods can be developed in minutes and recalled in seconds; with the ability to insert, delete, or modify steps as well as easily adjust parameters.

Automated Cell Culture System

The CompacT SC is an automated T-flask cell culture system designed to fully control expansion, differentiation, and maintenance of stem cells. The new CompacT SC, which can be used to aseptically culture multiple different stem cell lines in parallel using T75 and T175 flasks, has a number of features which makes controlling the growth and differentiation of stem cells an easy, convenient task. The system includes automated cell imaging and analysis, allowing scientists to program the CompacT SC to monitor cell morphology and growth curves. It also permits researchers to set the system to respond to any preprogrammed changes by automatically passaging cells and adding new media, reagents, or vectors at appropriate times. This means scientists can consistently maintain cell lines in the state they need them, either as pluripotent cells or during cell differentiation and transfection. Processes can be performed at any time, without researchers having to be in the laboratory.

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