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Science  16 Dec 2011:
Vol. 334, Issue 6062, pp. 1581
DOI: 10.1126/science.334.6062.1581-a


Combining accuracy, sensitivity, and guided operation, the new Eppendorf BioSpectrometer offers outstanding flexibility in a small, robust instrument. Designed for a wide range of routine and complex applications in genomics, proteomics, cell biology, and biochemistry, two versions are available: BioSpectrometer basic and BioSpectrometer kinetic, which features a temperature-controlled cuvette holder. No PC is necessary to operate the system, and integrated data processing options enable basic data processing directly on the device. In addition, up to 1,000 results can be stored in the BioSpectrometer directly. Preprogrammed methods facilitate quick start applications and prevent errors, while a USB port is provided for simple data transfer. The kinetic model with its temperature-controlled cuvette shaft requires no additional accessories in order to study enzyme or substrate kinetics. The temperature of the cuvette shaft can be freely selected between +20°and +42° in 0.1°increments.

Ultralow Temperature Freezers

The Revco UxF Series of ultralow temperature (ULT) freezers is Thermo Fisher Scientific's latest innovation in sample protection. The easy-to-use intuitive on-board computer incorporates an icon-driven touchscreen control panel for quick and easy access to a host of monitoring and control information. With a unique visual display, users can also gain an at-a-glance understanding of the health of the entire freezer, and thus the stored samples. Through the inclusion of an event log, health monitoring system, and controlled access options, the Revco UxF Series provides constant updates on the integrity and health of stored samples. The event log monitors sample safety by automatically alerting users and service teams of any parameter changes as they occur. As such, this extremely easy-to-use portfolio of ULT freezers provides outstanding sample protection.


New Optima X Series preparative ultracentrifuges incorporate an array of contemporary technical features to enhance the user experience, increase productivity, and reduce costs. A large touchscreen display on all Optima X Series products offers a selection of nine languages so researchers can work in their native language. Clean, intuitive design and on-screen help make it easy even for new users to quickly get acclimated and working. Real-time graphing plots speed and temperature over time as a run progresses. Enhanced remote control capabilities allow the ultracentrifuges to be monitored from a personal computer or a smartphone—meaning users don't have to stay in the lab or continuously go to the lab—during a run. High-level security and tracking features enable users in regulated environments to track run history and to keep run logs, and new electronic signature capabilities can be used to approve a run.

Cell Culture Dishes

A new line of cell culture dishes support a range of applications and growth of many important cell types including primary cells, stem cells, neuronal, mesenchymal, hepatocyte, and endothelial cells. Available in a range of sizes and styles, the cell culture dishes are designed for optimal performance and ease-of-use. Porvair cell culture dishes include lids designed for optimal gas exchange and stacking rings that facilitate easy stacking and handling. Combining the unrivalled optical purity of high-pressure molded 100% USP VI Class virgin crystal polystyrene with a patented low-pressure gas plasma surface treatment—the cell culture dishes enable cells to adhere more efficiently to the surface by reducing its hydrophobicity. Production of Porvair cell culture dishes is carried out in a Class 100000/ISO Class V clean room to ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003 manufacturing standards to ensure all products are free from DNA/RNA, DNase/RNase, and Pyrogen contamination.

Scientific Lamp Power Supply

The highly regulated, universal light source power supply Model 718 supports scientific and industrial applications. It powers tungsten-halogen, ceramic, and glow-bar infrared light sources, while being flexible and extremely stable. The output power is rated at 250 W maximum. Its exceptional performance (<0.05% ripple to the source in use) is based on high stability transistor series pass regulators with additional control circuitry. The power supply can be operated from the front panel controls, or remotely, via 0–6 V analog input. A front panel Local/Remote switch allows users to select the mode of operation. Separate connectors on rear of unit are for lamp housing Fan, Light Source connection (plus Interlock), and analog Remote input.

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