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Science  23 Dec 2011:
Vol. 334, Issue 6063, pp. 1735
DOI: 10.1126/science.334.6063.1735-a

Small Animal Imaging System

The In-Vivo Xtreme is a new, multimodal imaging product dedicated to preclinical research. Beneath its sleek, contemporary design, Xtreme is powered by an innovative system architecture that provides the ultimate combination of sensitivity, speed, and flexibility to meet the most demanding challenges and broadest range of applications for molecular imaging. One of the most compelling features of this new system's architecture is the ability to precisely match camera choice with research needs, performance criteria, and budget. Xtreme currently comes in two camera configurations. The front-illuminated 16 megapixel camera is ideally suited for applications that demand high resolution, while the back-illuminated 4 megapixel camera excels at very low light imaging experiments. With this uniquely flexible design, researchers will have the ability to upgrade their camera as new technology evolves and research requirements change. Xtreme comes with MI Software, a powerful suite of tools for acquisition, visualization, and precise quantification of imaging data.

PCR System

The Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) system is a highly versatile genetic analysis instrument that enables cost-effective and efficient interrogation of hundreds of target genes over thousands of samples in a single run. The growing demand for biomarker screening experiments, particularly in the early research phases of pharmacogenomics and agricultural biotechnology fields, has created a greater need for high throughput technology that can provide answers for researchers faster, more accurately, and at a reasonable price per reaction. The QuantStudio 12K Flex system addresses this with its ability to generate more than 12,000 high-quality, TaqMan data points per run, or up to 110,000 data points in an eight-hour workday. Users can also run digital PCR experiments on the instrument using nanofluidic consumables and dedicated analysis software for increased sensitivity and specificity.

FTIR Spectrometer

The Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy instrument, FlowIR, is one of the smallest FTIR instruments on the market. FlowIR can be placed nearly anywhere along a reactor setup. The seamless integration of FlowIR into just about any home-built or commercially available flow chemistry synthesis system gives small-scale researchers control over flow reactions comparable to that of the largest manufacturing conglomerates—while allowing larger organizations to gather more data along complex multistep reaction chains. Because no special connections are required, FlowIR allows real-time flow chemistry monitoring at any point along a reaction chain. Multiple units along the reaction path in multistep synthesis setups give critical feedback to allow ongoing reaction adjustments. The enhanced control over potentially volatile reactions enhances safety. Typically, fewer experiments are also required, because reagents or other materials can be added as needed. This eliminates the need to perform reactions repeatedly and results in less

Gene Transfection

The magnefect-nano II is a new, compact device that offers gene transfection with improved efficiencies and cell viabilities, even with a range of difficult cell types such as neuronal and primary cells. It uses a unique technology applying proprietary magnet configurations and oscillating magnet arrays, which can operate at user-definable variable frequencies, to promote magnetic nanoparticle/DNA uptake into cells to improve nonviral gene transfection, while maintaining high cell viability. The device provides improved transfection efficiency and effectiveness over the best currently available cationic lipid agents at short transfection times (<30 minutes). It allows retransfection as well as adherent state transfection for user flexibility. It offers full flexibility with interchangeable 6-well, 24-well, and 96-well array formats and variable oscillating frequency capability to enable researchers to optimize protocols specifically for the cell types they are using.

High Throughput Centrifuge

The Allegra X-14 is a 3 L benchtop centrifuge that accepts a variety of tubes and adapters to provide reliable performance in a range of applications. Refrigerated and constant-temperature models are offered individually or in prebundled packages that provide everything needed for quick setup in the laboratory. With a fixed-angle rotor, the X-14 provides a maximum speed of 10,200 rpm and delivers rcf of 11,400 ×g. Swinging-bucket rotors can achieve a maximum speed of 4,300 rpm and rcf of 4,300 ×g and, utilizing a wide selection of tubes, bottles, and plates, can accommodate a range of sample types and volumes. Depending on rotor and labware, the Allegra X-14 can process as many as 148 tubes per cycle. The refrigerated model offers a temperature range of 2°to 40°and features a robust cooling system that brings samples from room temperature to 4°in less than four minutes, reducing wait time and enabling runs to be processed efficiently. The constant-temperature model is preset to 20°

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