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Science  10 Feb 2012:
Vol. 335, Issue 6069, pp. 751
DOI: 10.1126/science.335.6069.751-a

Zoom Microscope

The Axio Zoom.V16 combines the typical benefits of stereomicroscopes such as zoom optics and long working distances with the higher resolutions of traditional light microscopes. In comparable image fields, the Axio Zoom.V16 offers a 2.5 times higher resolution and 10 times brighter fluorescence than stereomicroscopes. With a 16x zoom range, the Axio Zoom.V16 surpasses all comparable microscopes currently available. An extensive line of accessories enables configurations precisely tailored to many different applications. An illumination concept specially developed for zoom microscopes delivers considerably higher fluorescence illumination intensity, with even the smallest fluorescent structures remaining visible. The Axio Zoom.V16 incorporates totally new approaches not only to visual observation, but also to imaging. Higher apertures substantially reduce the depth of field ranges in the focal plane. Structured illumination with the Apotome.2 slider system makes it possible to generate optical sectional images and 3-D reconstructions of the specimens.

Low Volume Microplate

The MicroMax Low Volume Microplate offers researchers the benefit of measuring up to 64 samples per plate on the SpectraMax microplate readers. The elegant simplicity of the MicroMax design provides remarkable flexibility, ideal for multiuser environments. The customer can use either 2 or 4 μL samples, and will have a variety of cleaning options available: simply wiping the slide, autoclaving, or replacing the slides. The unique, no-hinge design offers great uniformity with no maintenance and simplifies the cleaning process. Perfect for core labs, bioprocessing quality control/manufacturing environments, biorepositories, and molecular diagnostics labs, the 8- or 16-channel pipettor compatibility of 24- or 64-sample plates, respectively, enables fast determinations of a wide range of samples including DNA, RNA, and proteins. The MicroMax Low Volume Microplates are compatible with all SpectraMax readers. The low-volume plates have ready-to-use application specific protocols in SoftMax Pro Data Analysis and Acquisition Software for seamless integration.


The new Ultrospec series of dual beam, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometers provides research scientists with a choice of smart instruments with diverse capabilities to deliver reproducible results, precision, and ease of use to match a variety of user requirements. The series includes Ultrospec 7000/7000PC for day-to-day laboratory activities, Ultrospec 8000/8000PC, and the top of the range 9000/9000PC system for demanding assays. Each version is available as either a standalone or PC-controlled system. The Ultrospec range benefits from the following features: dual-beam instrument (with a variety of bandwidths); color touchscreen (for standalone product); USB data and PC connectivity; European Pharmacopoeia research compatibility (8000/9000 models); Datrys Standard (option to upgrade to Datrys Life Science or Datrys CFR); Equation Editor software; and extended range of accessories available such as thermostatting, Bluetooth, and Datrys software options.

Analytical Lab Balance

The Kern ABT high-precision laboratory analytical balance automatically recalibrates itself under four scenarios: every four hours, after temperature fluctuations of 0.5°(0.9°, when switching from standby to weighing, and after being reconnected to its power source. Prior to a recalibration the balance alerts technicians, who can postpone the process until their weighing operation is complete. The laboratory balance automatically outputs GLP/ISO data to a PC or printer. Two models of this fast-responding electronic analytical balance operate in dual weighing ranges. Four other single weighing range models are available. All are tailor-made for organizations demanding high-precision electronic scales delivering stable temperature behavior, a short stabilization time, and excellent weighing precision even with samples at the edge of the pan. The versatile ABT analytical balances also accommodate piece counting, recipe weighing, percentage determination, suspended weighing capabilities, metric/non-metric operation, and feature large LCD displays.

H2O2 Incubator-Decontamination System

The unique hydrogen peroxide vapor decontamination option provides complete decontamination while limiting incubator downtime to less than three hours. The automated H2O2 cycle protects user safety and can be validated, if desired, ensuring compliance with the highest cGMP, GLP, and GRP standards. Available with Sanyo's MCO-19AIC CO2 and MCO-19M multi-gas incubators, the H2O2 system enables full decontamination and incubator cleaning to be completed in less than a morning. As this is a low temperature process there is no heat stress on electrical components and zero impact on adjacent equipment and the surrounding environment. All interior components and the CO2 sampling loop are decontaminated in situ, bypassing the need for a separate autoclave cycle. Following a seven-minute H2O2 vaporization, the ultraviolet lamp switches on for 90 minutes, reducing the H2O2 to water vapor and oxygen. The incubator's interior fan circulates air throughout the chamber during the entire cycle.

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