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Science  30 Mar 2012:
Vol. 335, Issue 6076, pp. 1647
DOI: 10.1126/science.335.6076.1647-a


The UltraBright-LED transilluminator is a new generation of blue light transilluminator designed for safely imaging fluorescently labeled gels (up to 20 cm x 16 cm) on the bench or inside Syngene G:BOX imaging systems. The UltraBright-LED uses two high intensity LED arrays, which produce uniform, bright excitation at 470 nm, and can illuminate dyes that excite at 420 to 480 nm. Therefore, the system is suitable for visualizing small amounts of ethidium bromide and nontoxic DNA stains. Since the UltraBright-LED uses blue light, researchers imaging nontoxic stains can use the system directly on the bench and as it is compact and light weight it takes up very little space and is easy to move. The UltraBright-LED features a special filter in its lid which enhances band contrast and provides optimum viewing conditions. The transilluminator has been designed to easily slide in and out of any Syngene G:BOX imaging system.


My-PCR Prep provides the molecular biology laboratory technician with a "personal cleanroom" for use in the amplification of DNA and RNA. Between amplifications, My-PCR Prep can be irritated with shortwave ultraviolet (UV) energy to denature potential contaminates and eliminate their ability to be amplified. The main chamber of MY-PCR Prep is constructed from a continuous piece of polycarbonate to prevent UV light from escaping the chamber during irritation. Operator access is gained through the folding front polycarbonate sash, overlapped to eliminate gaps in the chamber during UV light irritation. The work surface is white polypropylene making disinfection and cleaning simple. My-PCR Prep is a Class 100 vertical laminar flow workstation with timed UV light, making it an ideal benchtop personal clean zone for completing polymerase chain reaction and RNA amplifications. My-PCR Prep is available in 24"- and 32"-wide models; 110V AC.


The QuantiFluor RNA System for highly sensitive, easy RNA quantitation. The QuantiFluor RNA dye enables quantitation of small amounts (as little as 100 pg) of RNA in solution. The new system provides significantly increased sensitivity for those samples that are low in concentration, using far less template RNA to accurately quantitate compared with alternative systems, and with better linearity and detection limits. The QuantiFluor RNA System includes all required reagents to quickly set up and quantitate RNA, offering an integrated solution with instrument pairing. The system is easy to set up on numerous platforms including both the QuantiFluor and GloMax Multi instruments. Applications include measuring yields of in vitro transcribed RNA, and measuring RNA concentrations before performing Northern blot analysis, S1 nuclease assays, RNase protection assays, cDNA library preparation, reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, and differential display PC.


The Ingenuity Variant Analysis is a web application designed to help researchers studying human disease rapidly identify causal variants from human resequencing data. Researchers can quickly and reliably take a list of millions of variants down to the most compelling set of variants for follow-up study and analysis. Ingenuity Variant Analysis supports individual whole genome or exome studies with thousands of samples without deleting data sets. Unlike other software products that focus only on called and annotated variants, Ingenuity Variant Analysis streamlines the annotation and prioritizing of all variants through rich biological interpretation and analysis. Its unique combination of filtering, analytics, and richly annotated content allows researchers to identify and prioritize variants by drilling down to a small, targeted subset of compelling variants based both upon published biological evidence and the researcher's own knowledge of disease biology.


A new custom assay design service for high-sample throughput amplicon resequencing on Illumina platforms is now available. The Access Array Target-Specific Primers, when used with the Fluidigm Access Array System, allow for fast, simple, and inexpensive preparation of up to 480 amplicons per sample at a time. This capability is ideal for analysis of large sample sets across focused genomic regions to better understand human genetic variation. Access Array Target-Specific Primers allow researchers to quickly and specifically amplify their target of interest, incorporate sample-specific barcodes, and add sequencer-specific adaptors—all at the same time. The Fluidigm Access Array System prepares amplicons for resequencing without the need for any additional library preparation and can operate with any next generation sequencer (NGS) on the market. In addition, using the Access Array Barcode Libraries, researchers can test the same amplicon pools to cross-validate sequencing results across different NGS platforms.

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