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Science  27 Apr 2012:
Vol. 336, Issue 6080, pp. 497
DOI: 10.1126/science.336.6080.497-a


The new Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder allows scanning electron microscopy analysis of the sample from all visible sides and enables a unique 3-D image of your sample. The computer controlled operation enables smart 360°tation and tilting from -10° +45°a a dedicated Pro Suite application system. The compucentric rotation allows viewing details from all sides, even when the feature is off-center, while the specific feature remains at the center of focus. The z-height is auto-corrected through the pseudo-eucentric tilt while simultaneously the y-position of the Phenom-stage is corrected. The Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder is wireless and completely software-controlled, by using a dedicated motion control application on the Pro Suite application platform. This allows intelligent movements of the sample holder and easy focus on the feature.


The durably constructed, thick-walled Arctic Rack-24 is a new rack and cover that enables high integrity sample storage at ultralow (cryogenic) temperatures over extended periods of time. The Arctic Rack-24 is designed to accommodate 24 high-volume (6.00 mL or 7.50 mL) Micronic storage tubes in an automation-friendly SBS footprint. A special cover enables the Arctic Rack-24 to be securely locked ensuring high sample security during transport or storage. The Arctic Rack-24 may be autoclaved several times providing considerable cost savings over consumable sample storage products. Absolute traceability and reproducibility on the Arctic Rack-24 are ensured through alphanumeric visual location aids and laser engraved barcodes on two sides of the rack plus rack foot mounting points. The open bottom design of the Arctic Rack-24 facilitates quick defrosting of samples. The Arctic Rack-24 with covers are stackable, enabling conservation of valuable storage space within freezers or during transport.


The new MB-Rx in situ Reaction Monitor is designed for research laboratories and pilot plants in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical industries. The MB-Rx is a plug-and-play solution designed around the key concepts of analytical performance, reliability, and simplicity. This robust analyzer provides real-time insight into chemical reaction dynamics. Key parameters such as kinetics over different phases, reagent consumption, and the synthesis of products and by-products can be assessed in real time. The MB-Rx features a rugged Hastelloy ATR probe and an intuitive software interface that also allows for rapid setup of experiment templates. Permanently aligned optics and a light source with an average lifespan of 10 years make the MB-Rx virtually maintenance-free. In addition, it does not use hygroscopic optics or a cryogenic detector, thus eliminating the need for optical purging, desiccant cartridges, liquid nitrogen, or Stirling coolers.


The new Acura electro Pipettes are ergonomically engineered electronic pipettes designed to provide researchers with the highest level of comfort and precision. The Acura electro Pipette product line consists of three models for an extended range of sample handling performance. The Acura electro 926X model comprises seven micropipettes, ranging in volumes from 0.1 to 1,000 μL; the 936 models includes three macropipettes with volumes ranging from 0.1 to 10 mL; and, the Acura electro 956 offers eight multichannel pipettes with dispensing volumes from 0.5 to 350 μL in 8- or 12-channel configurations. A unique feature of the electro line is that one control unit is capable of fitting on to any one of 27 volumetric assemblies, making electronic pipetting more affordable. Each microprocessor-controlled pipette features a lightweight design for maximum hand comfort and control.


Designed for demanding high content assays and cell biology challenges, the new ArrayScan Infinity HCS Reader has 3-D imaging capability and features the latest in variable pin-hole confocal technology, solid-state LED illumination, live-cell and label-free capabilities, coupled with best-in-class image analysis and bioinformatics software. The instrument's integrated confocal module features the latest high-speed Nipkow spinning disk technology and a variable pinhole to give finer control over image acquisition across a range of objectives (magnifications), compared to traditional confocal (fixed pin-hole) technology. The confocal module has a four-color LED Light Engine, bringing robust, laser-like performance without the complications and cost of lasers or the need for alignment of camera, confocal, and laser. The ArrayScan Infinity HCS Reader is also coupled with enhanced Thermo Scientific iDev Workflow software for multidimensional analysis. Multiple projection options for image analysis and the ability to save the stack of images to create 3-D movies enable complex 3-D structures to be imaged more clearly.

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