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Science  04 May 2012:
Vol. 336, Issue 6081, pp. 615
DOI: 10.1126/science.336.6081.615-a


Enhanced software for the Microlab 600 series diluter and dispensers provides important new functionality for users in many applications. A new package of compliance features for labs in regulated environments, password protection, and the ability to print documentation. These functions are tamper-evident for additional security and adhere to 21 CFR Part 11 and FDA GLP/GMP requirements. A new Configuration Wizard walks the user through the system setup, including security and method logging settings. The new Microlab 600 software, which is field-upgradable and included in all new instruments, is now available in 10 languages, adding convenience for customers worldwide. For labs that require report printing directly from the instrument, the software update integrates with a new printer accessory kit. It is also compatible with LyncStore, a PC-based log file management system that allows users to sort, filter, compare, save, and print files from any computer.


Thermo Scientific CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab is a combined methodology, technology, and service offering that transforms laboratories into tightly integrated paperless environments. CONNECTS leverages existing investments in software systems, databases, and laboratory instrumentation from a wide variety of commercial vendors to bridge the islands of data generated in laboratories, transforming that data into information that can be used across the enterprise. CONNECTS is designed to enable real-time access to information and improve regulatory compliance and data integrity while helping save time and costs by automating processes and reducing manual data handling. CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab comprises three unique components—methodology, technology, and services—that, when combined, are designed to deliver seamless and continuous data flows from the lab into the enterprise to improve results analysis, enable faster decision-making, and improve productivity.


The CompassCDS 3.0 software is designed for multi-instrument gas chromatograph (GC) laboratories. With its unique capacity for customization, CompassCDS provides operators with a powerful tool for a variety of analytical operations. Available as a standalone or fully networked client/server application, CompassCDS meets the broadest spectrum of customer's requirements. Designed to operate in 24/7 production environments with current Windows versions as well as with Virtualized and Citrix metaframe installations, CompassCDS controls all of the current Bruker GCs and custom analyzers manufactured for specific industrial analytical applications. CompassCDS provides operators with customizable, single-screen user interfaces that simplify day-to-day operation of GCs in routine analytical labs. Multichannel reporting, the ability to include complex custom calculations, and summary statistical reporting are all standard features. The CompassCDS product suite also includes a number of industry-focused plug-in modules for PIONA, Simulated Distillation, Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis, Transformer Oil Gas Analysis, and Natural Gas Analysis.


The Ingenuity iReport for Real-Time PCR is optimized for TaqMan Gene Expression Assays. The new solution is an interactive report that extends analysis beyond Ct or fold-changes to an accurate and dynamic view of the biological information most relevant to a gene expression experiment. In contrast to time consuming manual searches for relevant publications and gene relationships, Ingenuity iReport for Real-Time PCR provides a more rapid and comprehensive understanding of pathways, processes, and diseases relevant to gene expression results. With its engaging and intuitive design, iReport for Real-Time PCR can be used by bench scientists to easily and accurately understand the biological meaning of their experiment within minutes. Peer-reviewed literature is cited throughout the report, allowing the underlying evidence to be easily accessed and referenced. iReport for Real-Time PCR has been optimized for several TaqMan Gene Expression assay formats, including TaqMan Array Card and OpenArray file types.


LabSolutions DB Software offers liquid and gas chromatography (LC/GC) laboratories fast and secure management for their LC/GC data. LabSolutions DB integrates a data management function with LabSolutions LC/GC control and analysis software. Optimally configured for PC-based laboratories, LabSolutions DB can be connected to up to four LC/GC instruments for simultaneous use. The integrated database is compliant with electronic records and electronic signature regulations. LabSolutions DB's project management function enables management suited to tasks and system operations. It improves the efficiency of data searches and management tasks by enabling equipment and user management, security policy, and data processing to be set on a project-by-project basis. The database allows multidata report creation using Microsoft Excel. This enables users to coordinate report creation with scheduled analyses, making it possible to quickly create reports when testing ends.

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