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Science  15 Jun 2012:
Vol. 336, Issue 6087, pp. 1462
DOI: 10.1126/science.336.6087.1462-a


The new Genova Plus life science ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometer from Jenway features icon-driven software with soft-key navigation and the ability to save results and methods to a USB memory stick. With dedicated modes for DNA/RNA analysis, preprogrammed methods for protein analysis plus standard spectrophotometer functions, the user-friendly Genova Plus is optimized for applications in biochemistry, forensic science, genetics, biotechnology, and other life science laboratories. The new Genova Plus incorporates a large graphical display built into the lid of the unit. Powerful icon-driven software and soft-key navigation ensure rapid analysis and ease of use. A large internal memory enables over 300 methods to be stored. In addition to dedicated modes for DNA/RNA analysis, protein assays, nucleic acid purity, and optical density, the spectrophotometer can be used as a standard spectrophotometer with measurement modes for photometrics, concentration, multiwavelength, spectrum scanning, quantitation, and kinetics.


The Elix Essential systems integrate patented Elix electrodeionization (EDI) technology along with several other complementary water purification techniques in order to produce Type 2 pure water with consistently pure and reliable water quality. The new Elix Essential system range includes models with flow rates of 3, 5, 10, or 15 L of pure water per hour, and daily production possibilities of up to 300 L. The high-quality pure water produced by the systems has resistivity values exceeding 5 MΩ·cm at 25°(typically 10–15 MΩ·cm at 25° and less than 30 ppb total oxidizable carbon. Product water is recommended for a variety of uses: as feed to laboratory equipment; preparation of microbiological media, buffer and pH solutions; histology; chemical reactions run in water; and manual glassware rinsing. Elix Essential systems have a small footprint and can be installed on or under the bench as well as on a wall.


The Thermo Scientific MYECL Imager revolutionizes the capture and analysis of chemiluminescent Western blots, stained protein gels, and nucleic acid gels by simplifying the entire imaging workflow. The MYECL Imager incorporates advanced CCD technology that results in greater than two times the sensitivity of X-ray film, with 10 times the dynamic range. The intuitive touchscreen controls with on-board computer simplify the image acquisition process. The improved sensitivity and small instrument footprint makes the MYECL Imager an effective substitute for the laboratory darkroom. The Thermo Scientific MYAnalysis Software supplied with the instrument provides a suite of programs to analyze nucleic acid or protein images, including automatic lane and band identification and molecular weight overlay analysis programs. The MYAnalysis Software saves image files in a nonproprietary format for easy sharing with colleagues. Images and data reports can be exported directly to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs for further analysis and presentations.


The Neuros syringe incorporates several technology firsts for significantly improved, controlled animal injections. Specifically designed for the neurosciences, Neuros syringes are available with ultrafine 30-, 32-, or 33-gauge needles that accurately dispense 50 nL to 100 μL, providing the smallest volume, thin-gauge solution on the market. Neuros syringes enable precision animal brain injections with minimal tissue damage and reduced variability. A unique, adjustable needle sleeve maintains rigidity and ensures a targeted injection path to an exact location. Two needle sleeve options are offered—one with a blind stop for cannulated applications and the other for use with stereotaxic holders—each with adjustable needle exposure of 0 to 20 mm. Neuros syringes fill a critical gap in the available microvolume choices, which required neuroscience researchers to use either larger syringes that produced dead volume, wasted sample and reduced accuracy, or small-volume syringes with larger gauge needles that damage tissue.


The EMS7000smz and EMS5000mz are high precision vibrating microtomes designed for microscopy and histology. Designed to produce the highest quality slices of the most difficult material, the EMS vibrating microtomes minimize damage to tissue surfaces and produce slices of uniform thickness. The competitively priced EMS5000mz offers a z axis deflection of 1–2 μm and a blade advance controllable to 10 μm/sec. The EMS7000smz delivers perfect sections with sub-micron z axis deflection across a broad range of vibration speeds and amplitudes and enhanced longevity of performance through an advanced vibrating mechanism. It is the finest slicer in the world for preparations for visual patch clamping. Both tissue slicers offer simple operation at the push of a button or a range of changeable and programmable parameters customizable to user preferences. Tissue cooling is accomplished by the use of either an ice-water bath or an electronically controlled thermoelectric cooler.

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