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Science  13 Jul 2012:
Vol. 337, Issue 6091, pp. 246
DOI: 10.1126/science.337.6091.246-a


Aura ductless fume hoods provide state-of-the-art construction and safety features. Each Aura ductless fume hood has advanced safety monitoring and controls. EverSafe II microprocessor safety controller monitors and adjusts fume hood face velocity to the user preset value. EverSafe II, not guesswork, keeps the Aura face velocity ideal for containment of potentially toxic gases and vapors. Aura has been ASHRAE 110 tested and provides unsurpassed containment from toxic fumes and vapors. Breathe easier knowing EverSafe II is working for your safety. Filtrak positive filter sealing system is installed in each Aura ductless hood. This cam-driven filter sealing system has a built-in filter position indicator and alerts the end user if the filtration bed is not properly sealed. Filtrak provides safe and easy filter maintenance and replacement. Aura ductless fume hoods are available in 30, 42, and 54 inch widths. ESD models are available for applications involving volatile chemicals.


The new SecurityGuard ULTRA system protects widepore (蠅200 Å UHPLC columns typically used in the analysis of biomolecules. The SecurityGuard ULTRA system dramatically extends the lifetime of columns packed with sub-2 micron fully porous or core-shell particles by protecting against the damaging effects of chemical contaminants and microparticulates introduced by the sample, mobile phase, or system. These contaminants can also affect method sensitivity, quantitation, and peak identification. The new SecurityGuard ULTRA product is ideal for virtually any manufacturer's UHPLC, sub-2 micron, or core-shell widepore columns including the Phenomenex Aeris widepore XB-C18, XB-C8, and C4 products. By reducing the frequency of column replacements, as well as the need for troubleshooting and system down time, SecurityGuard ULTRA saves chromatographers time and money. Pressure-rated up to 20,000 psi (1,378 bar), these widepore guard cartridges have no significant impact on chromatography, backpressure, or dead volume.


Agilent SureFISH probes are the next generation of tools for fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) assays, delivering a comprehensive menu of the industry's highest resolution probes for a wide range of molecular analysis applications. Agilent SureFISH probes deliver dramatically better performance compared to existing FISH products. SureFISH probes enable users to specifically detect aberrations in regions of the genome as small as 50 kb as well as aberrations near highly repetitive regions. They provide higher resolution and faster hybridization times than competing technologies and are designed to enable users to meet American College of Medical Genetics guidelines for clinical cytogenetics. Agilent offers an extensive menu of FISH probes for constitutional and cancer applications. The initial menu includes hundreds of SureFISH probes for the most common regions, to accommodate a wide range of cytogenetic research needs.


The Tornado Plus System is the ideal synthesis solution for stirring both viscous samples and for the dispersion of delicate solids in solution where conventional magnetic stirring is not suitable. Tornado Plus allows scientists to use a single overhead stirrer to simultaneously deliver high-torque mechanical stirring to six round-bottom flasks from 50 to 250 mL. Tornado also provides controlled heating and cooling from -65°to +180° making it ideal for applications such as crystallization studies, process optimization, polymer research, or the synthesis of building blocks. Tornado features a unique PEEK 'pinch-grip' stirrer guide mechanism which allows rapid, tool-free exchange of stirrer shafts and operation under an inert atmosphere. Choose from centrifugal, anchor, or propeller style PTFE stirrers, which are matched to each flask size. Tornado accepts a range of round bottom flasks from 50 to 250 mL, including flasks with one or two sidearms, internal baffles, and special azeotropic flask options.


The new SM5 Mini Stirrer packs the power to stir volumes up to 1 L and even offers a choice of three stylish fascia designs. This versatile and economical magnetic stirrer is very simple to operate, providing stirring speeds of 350 to 2,000 rpm. The SM5 is lightweight yet strong, constructed from polypropylene with a chemically resistant polycarbonate top. The SM5 is the smallest in the company's comprehensive range of magnetic stirrers. A robust casing incorporates silver-based BioCote antimicrobial protection for enhanced safety. The power to mix an impressive 1 L at adjustable speeds makes the SM5 an attractive option for any lab. The new Mini Stirrer has fun twist with a choice of three different fascia designs: blue with the Stuart logo, a Bibby Scientific image, or an abstract blue swirl.

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