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Science  05 Oct 2012:
Vol. 338, Issue 6103, pp. 140
DOI: 10.1126/science.338.6103.140-a


The ambr 250 is a new, automated bioreactor system for parallel fermentation or cell culture, using single-use 250 mL bioreactors controlled by an automated workstation. The system builds on TAP's innovative microbioreactor technology, adding increased fermentation volumes as well as individual bioreactor temperature and impeller control. This allows rapid testing of a range of conditions and microbial strains to select the optimum ones for efficient scalability to large-scale benchtop, stirred tank bioreactors. The microbial bioreactors, which are independently controlled, have a cap for automated sampling and include baffles and a dual Rushton impeller, as well as all gas (O2, air, N2), liquid, and sensor connections. This makes them ideal for use in assessing different fermentation parameters with production microbes such as E.coli, Pichia pastoris, and Aspergillus.


The MetaXpress 5.0 High Content Image Acquisition and Analysis Software has been designed to improve the ease and speed of custom analysis using the company's ImageXpress Micro and Ultra Systems. The new software enables user-created analysis to be run on MetaXpress PowerCore Software, which harnesses the speed of parallel processing and instantly cuts analysis time from hours to minutes. An interactive tool incorporated into the software allows users to create custom analysis easily, without resorting to dedicated programming expertise. The system includes a total of 19 predesigned analysis routines, with the facility to freely add in custom steps to create a tailored analysis. MetaXpress 5.0 also features object click-to-find, allowing scientists to rapidly identify objects of interest within their images. Investigators can easily import data from third-party hardware and export measurements to a variety of formats with the new MDCStore Xchange Service plug-in.


PluriQ Serum Replacement is an optimized serum-free supplement formulated as a direct replacement for FBS (fetal bovine serum) for culturing healthy, undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells. PluriQ SR has been shown to maintain healthy cell morphology and normal karyotype in hESCs for at least 20 passages in culture. Every lot of PluriQ reagents is tested for quality, purity, and the effective maintenance of pluripotent stem cells over multiple passages to ensure health, morphology, and undifferentiation. PluriQ SR is part of a range of stem cell products that includes feeder cells, recombinant mouse leukemia inhibitory factor (mLIF), media, and freezing solutions that offer reproducible performance and high consistency from lot to lot.


Low humidity storage of moisture sensitive chemicals, electronics, and other materials can be a challenge, particularly when dealing with large containers or large quantities, but the new Scienceware Grande Desiccators provide users with the extra space they need. Each desiccator comes with two acrylic shelves and can hold up to seven shelves spaced 2 inches apart (extra shelves sold separately). The desiccator cabinet's rugged polycarbonate construction ensures years of reliable service. Exterior dimensions of the Scienceware Grande Desiccators are 66 cm W ×61 cm D ×66 cm H (26 in ×24 in ×26 in) with an interior capacity of 3.6 cu. ft. The cabinets are available in Standard, Gas Purge, or Automatic models, so users can choose the desiccation method that best suits their needs.


The newly redesigned Avanti J-26S high performance centrifuge combines important environmental benefits with increased BioSafety features. Coupling the J-26S with new 1 L polypropylene bottles furthers sample security and extends the range of biopharmaceutical and research applications. Built upon benchmark performance, the J-26S provides high speed, low heat output, imbalance tolerance, low noise, and a range of ever-expanding separation capabilities. The ergonomic design, featuring lower instrument height and hands-free door operation, remains unchanged. The rotor library includes fixed-angle, swinging bucket, elutriation, continuous flow, and zonal rotors that offer speeds as high as 26,000 rpm and relative centrifugal force (rcf) up to 81,800 ×g. Application versatility is built in: The J-26S can process up to 6 L of fermenter output, deliver a subcellular fraction, run 24 microplates at a time, and separate live-cell populations with centrifugal elutriation.

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