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Science  12 Oct 2012:
Vol. 338, Issue 6104, pp. 274
DOI: 10.1126/science.338.6104.274-a


A full line of BVC biofluid aspiration systems is now available for use in cell culture and other biology applications. Three different designs are available with a choice of an autoclavable polypropylene container or a safety-coated glass bottle for bleach resistance; all three designs ensure safe, sensitive, and efficient aspiration. Choose from the unpowered Basic version with an automatic valve to reduce the demand on a central vacuum system, the powered Control version with touchscreen vacuum level control, or the Professional model, which adds an external liquid-level sensor. Powered versions are equipped with a robust VACUUBRAND chemistry-design vacuum pump for the ultimate in quiet reliability. The included VacuuHandControl (VHC) provides thumb-pressure control for precise aspiration and keeps all fluid within the aspiration tubing for containment and cleaning convenience. All models feature an autoclavable hydrophobic 0.2 μm biofilter to protect the vacuum supply and laboratory environment from biohazardous aerosols.


SampleGuard temperature control technology on Genevac HT Series II Evaporators enables them to automatically detect when samples are dry and then shut down—safeguarding valuable samples from potential thermal degradation. Combined with Genevac's continuous running condensers, SampleGuard allows easy unattended operation, offering the possibility of significant increases in productivity through use of overnight evaporation runs. Comprising two thermocouples and a unique sample temperature radio transmitter, SampleGuard provides real-time feedback enabling unmatched accuracy in controlling of actual sample temperatures. SampleGuard probes can measure temperature at any point in the sample holder. Either one or two probes can be used to accurately and reliably determine end-of-run, enabling the system to be easily set for optimal performance and automatic shutdown.


The VACUSIP provides an ideal benchtop solution for the safe aspiration and disposal of small volumes of liquid waste in clinical, molecular biology, biochemistry, and microbiology labs. With an integrated vacuum pump and a long-life battery, the VACUSIP is completely portable, enabling aspiration and waste disposal where and when you need it. To optimize battery run-time, the pump automatically switches on and off according to the vacuum needed for an aspiration task. With its space-saving footprint, silent operation, and optimal organization, the VACUSIP is a true asset to any lab performing liquid aspiration tasks. The unique VACUSIP hand operator enables precise fine regulation of liquid aspiration flow. A wide range of adapters are available for the hand operator, enabling the VACUSIP to handle almost any liquid waste disposal task. A hydrophobic filter protects the unit from contamination and liquid entry. All components coming in contact with liquids can be autoclaved.


The NEXTflex Bisulfite-Seq Kit simplifies the library preparation of bisulfite-treated DNA with reduced representation or total bisulfite-converted DNA libraries. The kit is compatible with single, paired-end and multiplexed DNA next generation sequencing (NGS) libraries on Illumina MiSeq, GAIIx, and HiSeq platforms. Bioo Scientific's Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology is incorporated into the kit, offering improved ligation efficiency and resulting in library preparation with a larger number of unique sequencing reads. It also uses a completely gel-free protocol, making the workflow compatible with liquid handling automation. For multiplexing, NEXTflex Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes can be purchased separately. Also available is the NEXTflex Msp1 Restriction Enzyme, which is optimized for bisulfite sequencing, unlike other commercially available Msp1 restriction enzymes.


The new Trilencer-27 siRNA kit, which contains Dicer-substrate duplexes, provides critical improvements over the use of traditional 21mer siRNA designs. Gene silencing through the use of RNAi has become a primary tool for characterizing gene involvement in disease states and interactive pathways. Offering genome-wide coverage against human, mouse, and rat, the AMSBIO Trilencer-27 siRNA kit takes advantage of the natural processing by Dicer to produce 10-fold higher potency and specificity than shorter 21mer RNAi forms. The 27mer Dicer-substrate duplexes in the kit also evade the radar of the mammalian interferon response when expressed in mammalian cells and beneficially initiate strong and specific gene silencing. Through its optimal design (three gene-specific siRNAs and one negative control), Trilencer-27 siRNA uniquely delivers the dual advantages of improved efficacy (蠅70% gene knockdown) and minimal interferon response.

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