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Science  02 Nov 2012:
Vol. 338, Issue 6107, pp. 687
DOI: 10.1126/science.338.6107.687-a


The new IX3 series of inverted research microscope systems are designed for effortless, intuitive live cell imaging, and clinical analysis. This includes the fully automated IX83 for high-end research applications; the flexible IX73, which can be configured in manual, semi-motorized; or motorized modes; and the easy-to-use IX53 with fluorescent capabilities, which is optimized for the routine examination of tissue samples. Built using worldwide customer feedback and designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users, the new systems offer exceptional ease-of-use and unprecedented optical flexibility via a new, customizable light path. New components can be easily slid into the light path using a series of swappable decks. This opens up many new avenues for exploration, allowing researchers to follow their imaginations. The new systems also utilize the latest Olympus innovations in frame design, optics, and software—providing exceptional stability, optical quality, accuracy, and reliability.


The Apollo 11 is a dedicated absorbance reader characterized by long-time proven and continuously optimized optics as well as a modern LED light source which has a principally endless lifetime. Up to six filters can be used with the instrument enabling the performance of all important applications including DNA quantification, protein quantification, enzyme activities, β-Galactosidase (reporter gene), alkaline phosphatase (ELISA), and horseradish peroxidase (ELISA). Besides a large dynamic range of 3.7 OD—which covers customary assays—the sophisticated optics and the robust mechanical design, together with the integrated auto-check function, guarantee extraordinary accuracy and precision. A very small footprint and the PhotoRead software showing all necessary settings and displays needed during operation on a single screen are additional attractive features of the Apollo 11.


The new compact, economical recirculating chiller is designed to provide reliable heat removal for lasers and other precision laboratory equipment. Capable of maintaining process temperatures from 41°to 95°(5°to 35°, the Durachill 1.5 HP Chiller provides up to 6,328 watts of cooling at 68°(20° ambient and is available with a built-in heater for use with equipment that must be brought up to elevated temperatures before operation can begin. For optimum operational versatility and flexibility, it comes with a wide variety of standard and optional features. The DuraChill 1.5 HP Chiller offers exceptional performance, reliability, and operational simplicity. All models feature a microprocessor-based controller, digital temperature display, one-touch set point display, and digital pressure/flowrate display. Plus for optimal operational and process safety, these rugged chillers also feature user-adjustable fluid temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms as well as a high ambient temperature alarm.


Three new product lines extend the successful arium lab water family: the arium pro ultrapure water system, the arium advance pure water system, and the arium comfort combination system. These new product lines generate Type 1 to Type 3 ultrapure and pure water, delivering the right water quality for any laboratory application. The highlight of these new lines is the arium comfort series. In addition to providing ASTM Type 1 ultrapure water, this space-saving combination unit also produces Type 2 and Type 3 pure water. Low quantities of organic contaminants in water are all it takes to have a negative impact on laboratory tests. The new arium ultrapure water systems deliver water quality that meets, and even exceeds, the ASTM Type 1 Standard. Its integrated ultraviolet lamp prevents microbiological growth, thus reducing the total organic carbon content to a minimum. If a Sartopore 2 sterilizing grade filter is used on arium, ultrapure water is practically free of microorganisms when dispensed.


The new In-VitroCell ES (Energy Saver) line of microbiological CO2 incubators feature seven direct heat models. In-VitroCell CO2 incubators are designed with the NuTouch Intelligent Interface. NuTouch is a user-friendly color touchscreen offered in English, Spanish, German, and French. Chamber parameters are easily controlled by the touch of a finger. All In-VitroCell models utilize a single source dual wave infrared sensor to maintain accurate CO2 gas levels in the growth chamber. The wavelengths used are absorbed by only CO2, making the measurement insensitive to other components such as water vapor. A large seven cubic foot (200 L) interior chamber is surrounded by heating elements on all six sides of the chamber encased by high-density R5 insulation to produce a smaller incubator footprint. Dual temperature sensor probes maintain precise temperature uniformity while an individual door heater minimizes condensation build up on the inner glass door.

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