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Science  08 Mar 2013:
Vol. 339, Issue 6124, pp. 1225
DOI: 10.1126/science.339.6124.1225-a


The new range of compact, benchtop centrifuges is ideally suited to most essential applications in life-science laboratories. The models available are designed to suit all applications and budgets and include the important features and benefits of a robust sealed housing, fully programmable microprocessor control, smooth, brushless motors, and near silent running. They are also fitted with a lid lock to prevent accidental opening during operation, while the inner bowl is a self-contained unit designed for easy wipe-down and disinfection should a breakage or spillage occur. The entry level MC-5000 model is a low-speed (max 5,000 rpm) option, which is available with or without a 'load auto-balance' function. At the other end of the scale is the more sophisticated MC16000R model which is ideal for most molecular biological laboratories for use in cell separation and DNA applications.


The new 0.2–2 mL size of Brand Seripettor and Seripettor Pro bottletop dispensers join the previously available 1–10 mL and 2.5–25 mL sizes. These durable, yet economical dispensers are a great choice for laboratories that do not need all of the convenience features of a Dispensette. An inexpensive replaceable wiping seal dispensing cartridge renews the wearing parts for long life. One extra cartridge is included with the dispenser.


A new range of black screw-top centrifuge tubes provides secure storage of light sensitive materials. Manufactured from black, RNAse/DNase-free polypropylene, the tubes are fully resistant to most organic solvents, can be autoclaved, and enable high integrity storage of samples and reagents down to -80° Available initially in 15 mL and 50 mL sizes, the black centrifuge tubes are supplied sterile and include a recessed HDPE lid that prevents leakage. Each tube includes a frosted area to enable marking for easy identification.


SoftMax Pro 6 GxP Software is designed for data acquisition and analysis from microplate readers in regulated environments. The software supports the SpectraMax Paradigm Multi-Mode Detection Platform and FilterMax F3/F5 Microplate Readers. SoftMax Pro 6 GxP Software facilitates easy upgrades for existing users from previous software versions with its unique "plug-in" feature that allows existing databases to be integrated without the need to reestablish and revalidate the whole system. A custom-designed validation package supports the software such as printable IQ-OQ worksheets, extensive tests for data analysis features, easy-to-follow instructions, and ready-to-use sample data to streamline the software validation process making it easy and fast to validate this powerful data analysis tool. The new software package also incorporates editors to enable easy creation of intricate protocols, such as the Syntax Helper formula writing tool, and a robust data analysis package with over 15 curve fits, effectively eliminating the need for additional software purchase and validation.


Spectroline CX-20 and CX-21 high-intensity ultraviolet (UV) viewing cabinets guarantee maximum UV irradiance and fluorescent contrast because they are designed for peak efficiency. The CX-20 and CX-21 cabinets combine separate long-wave and short-wave 8-watt UV light sources with uniquely designed specular aluminum reflectors to assure maximum intensity and exceptional fluorescent contrast. Both units have removable bottom panels so they can be easily placed over large objects or, to provide greater illumination, over a Spectroline UV transilluminator. The cabinets' housings are made of vinyl-clad aluminum for maximum durability. The flexible, contoured viewing eyepiece has a UV-absorbing window for comfort and safety. The window also eliminates "blue haze" interference and increases contrast between the fluorescent area and the background. Loading and unloading plates and gels is simple. Soft rubber curtains on both sides of the CX-20 allow easy entrance to its interior.

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