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Science  14 Jun 2013:
Vol. 340, Issue 6138, pp. 1353
DOI: 10.1126/science.340.6138.1353-a


Lasergene—an integrated suite of software for Sanger and next generation sequence assembly and analysis—is now available on the Amazon Cloud with version 11. By using the cloud, researchers can more easily collaborate globally, access powerful hardware for occasional large projects that require it, run as many assembly projects as desired sequentially or concurrently, and take full advantage of the flexibility offered by our software for any application anywhere, anytime. Other significant improvements with Lasergene 11 include the introduction of a new application, MegAlign Pro, which includes the Muscle sequence alignment algorithm; new 16S rRNA and host-viral integration workflows in support of next generation sequencing platforms and technologies; enhanced Copy Number Variation analysis capability; and numerous improvements to Protean 3D, the integrated protein structure, sequence, and bioinformatic application within the Lasergene software suite.


In today's laboratories, experimental datasets are growing larger, and critical tasks such as data storage, processing, mining, and sharing have become increasingly cumbersome, error prone, and expensive. The revolutionary i3D Enterprise Service overcomes these challenges by integrating storage, processing, and data mining in an enterprise-level private cloud. Historically, to offer enterprise-level informatics, labs required a large team of information technology specialists as well as an associated computer cluster and corresponding data center. With i3D Enterprise Service, laboratory data can be automatically and securely uploaded from instruments to a private cloud and processed on the cloud. This enables workflow execution and data mining in a fraction of the time when compared with processing on a local PC. Researchers with an Internet browser can quickly access all of their data, interrogate it from any location, and share data globally in seconds. Additionally, i3D Enterprise Service supports all major instrument vendor data file formats.


The new Genefficiency RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq) Service overcomes the need for expensive and time-intensive in-house bioinformatics analysis and has a wide range of other benefits. To ensure that researchers obtain informative data, OGT provides expert assistance from the initial stages of experimental design all the way through to the final results. In addition, the results are presented in an easy-to-use, interactive report that makes the final expression analysis as fast and straightforward as possible. By taking care of the complexity of sample and data processing, the new service makes RNA-Seq a widely accessible tool for revealing the complexities of the transcriptome. RNA-Seq allows much broader discoveries at the transcriptome level than many other approaches. It provides the experimental freedom to identify unknown genes and isoforms without having to wait for new versions of exon or custom arrays and genome annotation updates.

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Services are now available for investigating DNA methylation (5-mC) and hydroxymethylation (5-hmC) as well as targeted DNA methylation analysis of single or multiple genetic loci. Multiple service options are available to researchers, each offering varying degrees of genome coverage. No experience with sequencing or bioinformatics technologies is required—simply submit the samples and receive high-quality, easy-to-interpret publication-ready data and figures. There are many unique benefits to using the services, including the most highly cited chemistries for bisulfite treatment of DNA for 5-mC analysis, novel library prep workflows for ultralow DNA inputs, and custom-designed bioinformatics pipelines to ensure seamless data handling, analysis, and delivery. Additionally, a novel technique is available to determine DNA hydroxymethylation levels on a genome-wide scale called Reduced Representation Hydroxymethylation Profiling (RRHP), which is the only method available for reliable single base-pair resolution and strand-specific profiling of 5-hmC modifications in DNA.

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