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Science  30 Aug 2013:
Vol. 341, Issue 6149, pp. 1021
DOI: 10.1126/science.341.6149.1021-a


The new SYNAPT G2-Si Mass Spectrometer integrates a third dimension of resolution and separation power into a new suite of untargeted and targeted LC/MS/MS workflows. This powerful new tool gives researchers a means with which to gain a deeper understanding of molecular biology and disease mechanisms, to develop the next generation of health care treatments or chemical materials, or to screen food products or environmental samples for contaminants. The SYNAPT G2-Si mass spectrometer now combines the unique power of Travelling Wave (T-Wave) Ion Mobility Separations with new data acquisition and informatics technologies, and collision cross section (CCS) measurements to bring to the toughest analytical applications, unparalleled information and confidence at a level not possible by mass and chromatographic separation alone. The SYNAPT G2-Si mass spectrometer is the first MS system to elevate CCS alongside retention time and mass to charge ratio (m/z) as a robust, reliable identification parameter in library-based screening.


The ROCKET 4D is a fully automated system for automatic drying or concentration of very large volumes (a few to 100 L) in one operation with no user interaction. Simply load your sample, select a method, press start, and walk away—the system will do the rest. Compact in size the ROCKET 4D allows you to dry or concentrate your samples with complete confidence as it uses proprietary vacuum technology to suppress solvent bumping and foaming—problems associated with sample loss when using large-scale rotary evaporators. Rocket 4D comes as standard with a single, 5 L 316 stainless steel vessel for drying or concentrating product. This has detachable handles and is easily lifted into and out of the evaporator. Access to the dried or concentrated product in the vessel is very easy. Dried products can be scooped out, or where enhanced user protection is needed, redissolved while the vessel is still in the system.


GeneArt Strings DNA Fragments are a cost-effective addition to the company's custom gene synthesis services. GeneArt Strings are custom-ordered double-stranded segments of DNA that can be up to one kilobase (1,000 base pairs) in length. They offer the advantages of synthetic DNA—design flexibility and sequence optimization for robust and reliable expression—along with quick processing times and five to seven business day delivery. A three-tiered pricing system correlates with increasing size of the ordered fragment. GeneArt Strings DNA Fragments can be edited, optimized, and ordered via the Life Technologies online order portal for a convenient and user-friendly customer experience.


For biobanks and laboratories looking to securely organize and track their stored samples, the new version 4.903 Track-IT Information management system enables users to scan tube codes directly into the software. With Micronic Traxcer code reader software now fully integrated with Track-IT, users can directly trigger tube or rack barcode scanning from the Track-IT program. The new version of the automation friendly information management solution allows you to scan in only five seconds and transfer the codes directly into the Track-IT database program. Using this unique capability, laboratories can markedly speed up their sample storage process compared to database programs in which users need to upload spreadsheets with scanned tube or rack codes. Track-IT is a unique out-of-the-box LIMS/LIS solution designed to enable scientists to organize and securely track their storage tubes and samples in mere seconds.


Five Glycoprotein Eluting Solutions have been generated to complement the existing range of agarose bound lectins. These solutions maximize the yield of eluted glycoproteins from the beads and preserve lectin activity for repeat use. Offered as ready-to-use 100 mL solutions with a neutral pH range, these new products offer researchers convenience and superior recovery over standard sugar solutions. Neoglycoproteins are generally described as proteins that, in their native form, do not contain carbohydrate groups but have been chemically derivatized with sugars. We have synthesized nine Neoglycoproteins, which consist of simple sugars coupled with highly purified bovine serum albumin. The neoglycoproteins are intended as positive controls to determine lectin binding activity in a variety of applications such as affinity columns and blotting. Each is supplied as a 10 mg/mL solution.

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