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Science  27 Sep 2013:
Vol. 341, Issue 6153, pp. 1537
DOI: 10.1126/science.341.6153.1537-a


OptiMax HFCal is a newly designed heat flow calorimeter that offers highly intuitive operation so users can run experiments faster for significant resource savings. A chemical reaction's heat-related information is key to developing a safe, robust process—and the earlier this information can be evaluated, the faster the process can be transferred into large-scale production. OptiMax HFCal enables easy, rapid characterization of these process-safety parameters, including heat transfer, specific heat of reaction mass, isothermal and nonisothermal heat flow, enthalpy, and thermal conversion rates at all reaction stages. The electrical heating and Peltier cooling systems ensure precise temperature control from -40°to 180°without cryostat and ice-bath maintenance for added time savings and a smaller bench footprint. Easy data gathering is also critical for establishing reliable, repeatable calorimetric measurement. With OptiMax HFCal, all experiment data is recorded automatically, making processes traceable and reproducible.


Thermo Fisher Scientific is pleased to announce the additions of WAX and WCX phases for bioanalysis to its revolutionary SOLA solid phase extraction (SPE) product line. The new phases are available in cartridge and plate formats. Thermo Scientific SOLA products are the first fritless SPE cartridges and plates, offering: unsurpassed reproducibility at low elution volumes, low failure rates, enhanced sensitivity, and clean sample extracts. The novel design eliminates voiding, channeling, and packing inconsistencies that can cause analytical failures or poor reproducibility.


The new cOmplete His-Tag Purification Column for researchers performing histidine-tagged protein purification from lysates. The new column uses Roche's proprietary nickel-chelate chemistry and is compatible with commonly used reducing agents (DTT), metalloproteinase-inhibiting reagents such as EDTA, and different buffer and salt environments. This allows researchers to choose optimal buffer conditions for the target protein in a convenient prepacked format. Following the purification step, the new column does not require buffer exchange or resin recharging therefore avoiding a costly and time consuming process. In addition, the resin's minimized nickel ion leakage not only reduces toxic nickel waste, but also stabilizes the target protein by preventing nickel ions from catalyzing protein oxidation. Thanks to the additional format, researchers can choose their preferred method of purification. The cOmplete His-Tag Purification Resin can be used for batch purification as well as on automated systems based on fast protein liquid chromatography. Prepacked cOmplete His-Tag Purification Columns are available in two sizes (1 mL and 5 mL) and are compatible with standard instruments for protein purification.


The new CytoZyme Stabilized Pepsin is an advanced formulation of pepsin for pretreating tissue samples in nucleic acid probe-based cytogenetic assays including fluorescence in situ hydridization (FISH). CytoZyme is a ready-to-use solution of purified pepsin that can be stored in the refrigerator without loss of activity. It replaces dry powder forms of pepsin that vary in activity, which can negatively affect test results. Variability in FISH/ISH test results is frequently traceable to the protease used to pretreat patient samples prior to hybridization with nucleic acid probes. CytoZyme provides reliable activity day-to-day and lot-to-lot thereby eliminating variation in protease treatment as a common source of test variability in cytogenetic labs.


The Superdex 200 Increase size-exclusion chromatography columns are designed for both preparative and analytical purposes for a broad range of biomolecules, enabling higher purity and improved protein analysis. The columns deliver up to double the resolution or retained resolution in half the time, depending on the conditions selected and the molecule. Optimized for monoclonal antibody separation, the Superdex 200 Increase prepacked columns can be used for small-scale (μg–mg) high-resolution gel filtration and for characterizing a variety of different proteins sized between 10,000 Da and 600,000 Da. The column's high-flow agarose base matrix is pH stable, easy to clean, and has low nonspecific interaction. Superdex 200 Increase is available in three sizes (10/300 GL, 5/150 GL, and 3.2/300) and can be used with ЂKTA chromatography systems for a variety of applications including protein purification, aggregate analysis, studies of complex formation, and screening of samples.

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