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Science  04 Oct 2013:
Vol. 342, Issue 6154, pp. 133
DOI: 10.1126/science.342.6154.133-a


The new high-speed SPOT Insight Gigabit Camera comes equipped with 4 megapixel resolution and a very large field of view that creates impressive live microscopy presentations for teaching and conferences. Designed for remarkable quality images, the SPOT Insight Gigabit Camera uses a Kodak 21.4 mm scientific CCD sensor. Cellular structures have never looked brighter or clearer. Fixed images can be captured in all common formats for easy addition to tumor board presentations or journal submissions. Low-noise circuitry enables 14 frames per second live imaging with incredible clarity that captures attention. The SPOT Insight Gigabit Camera adapts to any microscope. The easy-to-use SPOT Basic Software interface controls the camera on PCs or Macs, providing a smooth live view of the microscope slides, even during zooming and focusing. The microscope view is impressive when projected on large screens with superior color reproduction and detail.


Designed with the complete workflow in mind, the cellVivo incubation system is designed for precise and ergonomic environmental control of advanced live cell imaging. Following the modular approach of the IX3 range of inverted microscope frames, cellVivo is based on a "one-size-fits-all" concept, with adaptors for various IX73 and IX83 frame types, circumventing the need for multiple incubation systems for distinct microscope configurations. For ease of use and flexibility, the incubator systems can be rapidly and simply assembled, modified, and detached without the use of tools. Various "enclosure" types which act as the base incubator box, are available in a range of models, from a high-end light-shielded enclosure with incorporated safely laser-lock, to a more standard plain transparent enclosure. The intelligent light-shielded enclosures eliminate the need of a dedicated darkroom, with cell-friendly adjustable LED interior lighting and a non-reflective glass viewing window.


The innovative design of the motorized high-precision microscope stage, the H01F Flat Top Stage, for upright microscopes incorporates a completely flat top plate, which eliminates any obstacle to objective rotation while ultralow profile sample holders facilitate the use of high NA objectives. High-resolution embedded x and y axis encoders provide closed loop control and the latest in miniature high torque motors allow for easy access to the condenser and other microscope adjustments. The ample top plate area facilitates the use of environmental chambers, micromanipulators, and other stage accessories. Externally adjustable limit switches allow for simple and quick stage travel adjustment making the H101F the most versatile and accurate high-precision flat top stage on the market today.


The Coolstage is a Peltier-driven SEM cooling stage for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), low vacuum, or variable pressure applications. The stage can be cooled to sub-zero temperatures for specimens that may be sensitive at ambient temperature, subject to beam damage, or may otherwise 'sublime' (lose water) at ambient temperatures. There are three versions of Coolstage to cover differing specimen requirements: Standard, Enhanced, and Ultra. The Standard Coolstage features include a temperature range of -30°to +50°at 300 Pa, self-contained cooling, temperature accuracy of +/- 1.5°or 2% (whichever is greater), minimal image drift, cooling and heating rates of up to 30°per minute, and keypad control with simultaneous display of actual and target temperature. The Enhanced Coolstage features a temperature range -30°to +160°at 300 Pa, and the Ultra Coolstage features a temperature range -50°to +50°at 300 Pa in addition to the specifications for the Standard Coolstage.


The new Crossbeam series system features high speed in materials analysis and processing and a wide diversity of applications. Time intensive 3-D experiments that used to run for several days can now be completed overnight. The newly developed focused ion beam column enables fast and precise materials processing that can be observed with the field emission scanning electron microscope in real-time. High resolution over the entire voltage and current range allows users to work quickly and precisely. Designed for stability, the system ensures reproducible results even in long-term experiments. The field of application is expanded by the optionally available Massive Ablation Laser that rapidly prepares samples to access deeply buried regions of interest. Crossbeam is suitable for use in both materials and life sciences. Bioscientists can use Crossbeam, above all, for fast tomography series with high z resolution in cell and tissue biology.

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