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Science  20 Dec 2013:
Vol. 342, Issue 6165, pp. 1529
DOI: 10.1126/science.342.6165.1529-a


Quickly and easily measure vacuum ultraviolet spectral emission (signature emission from He, Ar, Xe, N2, O2, etc. and even many corrosive fluoride or chloride-based mixtures) in experiments as diverse as: plasma process mapping (semiconductor etch plasma formation and distribution), fluorescence (nanomaterials, doped crystals, etc.), luminescence (phosphor characteristics), and VUV photoemission. McPherson's vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer, Model 234/302, is now complete with sensitive, cooled, scientific grade CCD detectors. The compact 200 mm focal length spectrometer has adjustable slits and operates at f/4.5, providing fast, sensitive data collection from ultraviolet radiation and emission spectra in the 100 to 190 nm wavelength range simultaneously, in near real time, with sub-nanometer spectral resolution. Tune the grating to longer or shorter wavelengths to collect different wavelength swaths. Various models of cooled, back-illuminated and windowless sensors fit directly to the focal plane for direct detection of vacuum ultraviolet spectra.


This degasser is used to dry samples prior to surface area and pore size analysis by gas sorption. The XeriPrep can be used with a variety of Quantachrome's gas sorption analyzers including the Autosorb 6 iSA, Autosorb iQ, Nova Series, Quadrasorb, and iSorb. Consistent and reliable surface area and pore size analysis depend upon proper sample preparation. This "degassing" involves the removal of surface moisture and other contaminants by heating the sample under vacuum. The XeriPrep provides the necessary accurate and consistent sample preparation required by high throughput physisorption analyzers. The XeriPrep degasser has six preparation stations side-by-side for easy access; each station having its own heater for independent operation—up to 350°(662° is standard, with an option of up to 450°(842°. The XeriPrep provides PC control of all six heaters with individual protocols consistent of programmable heating ramp and times.


MY-PCR Prep provides the molecular biology laboratory technician with a "personal cleanroom" for use in the amplification of DNA and RNA. Between amplifications, My-PCR Prep can be irradiated with shortwave ultraviolet (UV) energy to denature potential contaminates and eliminate their ability to be amplified. The main chamber of MY-PCR Prep is constructed from a continuous piece of polycarbonate to prevent UV light from escaping the chamber during irradiation. Operator access is gained through the folding front polycarbonate sash, overlapped to eliminate gaps in the chamber during UV light irradiation. The work surface is white polypropylene making disinfection and cleaning simple. My-PCR Prep is a Class 100 vertical laminar flow workstation with timed UV light, making it an ideal benchtop personal clean zone for completing DNA and RNA amplifications. My-PCR Prep is available in 24"- and 32"-wide models; 110V AC.


The Fura-2 QBT Calcium Kit combines the calcium indicator Fura-2 with Molecular Devices' proprietary masking technology to provide a fast, simple, and reliable ratiometric fluorescence-based assay for detecting and quantitating changes in intracellular calcium. Utilizing Molecular Devices' masking technology, the Fura-2 QBT Calcium Kit significantly reduces background fluorescence in media around the cells, enabling researchers to more easily detect signal from within the cell, giving more accurate results. Moreover, the new kit eliminates the need for wash protocols, thus saving time and further improving data quality. Leveraging the advantages of Fura-2 over other calcium indicators, the dye is excited at two different wavelengths, enabling ratiometric measurement of calcium flux to minimize the impact of assay variances caused by uneven dye loading, leakage, or cell density. The Fura-2 QBT Calcium Kit enables detection of the largest signal window available for Fura-2, and allows scientists to interrogate low-density, weakly, or nonadherent cells.


New reagent kits are now available for the MiSeq, the industry's most accurate and easiest-to-use benchtop sequencer. The improved chemistry doubles sequencing output to 15 gigabases (Gb) by increasing the number of sequencing reads (up to 25 million reads) and overall read length (up to 2x300 base pairs). These innovations enable researchers to perform new applications including exome sequencing on the MiSeq. In addition, increased sequencing reads will support transcriptome applications such as mRNA sequencing and will offer higher throughput capacity for gene expression profiling with Illumina's TruSeq Targeted RNA Expression assay. The benefits of increased paired-end read lengths include improving the quality of genome assemblies and advancing applications that require longer read lengths, such as metagenomics and human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing.

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