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Science  17 Jan 2014:
Vol. 343, Issue 6168, pp. 331
DOI: 10.1126/science.343.6168.331-a


PowerClean Pro DNA and RNA Clean-Up Kits feature a fast, seven minute protocol for removal of amplification inhibitors including humic substances, polysaccharides, polyphenolics, heme, and lipids from purified DNA or RNA. The PowerClean Pro DNA and RNA Clean-Up Kits are the latest products in MO BIO's Power line of kits which contain patented Inhibitor Removal Technology (IRT). IRT eliminates inhibitory substances often contained in soil, water, stool, plants, seeds, biofilm, and other sample types, resulting in pure nucleic acids that are ready to use in polymerase chain reaction (PCR), qPCR, and next generation sequencing. Features of the PowerClean Pro DNA and RNA Clean-Up Kits include: efficient secondary purification, removal of challenging impurities, and successful amplification.


The SmartRNAplex miRNA detection assay is based on proprietary Firefly hydrogel technology. As microRNA-based research evolves from discovery to validation, robust, multiplex methods that can be performed easily at the bench are necessary to continue advancements in the field. The SmartRNAplex assay is an important new tool for customers who are elucidating the role of microRNAs in a broad range of human diseases and need to explore multiple targets across many samples. The innovation lies in the unique properties of the Firefly particles which maximizes signal and widens the assay's dynamic range, while decreasing background noise. MicroRNA detection with SmartRNAplex requires just three steps: hybridize, label, and report. The hybridize step binds the microRNA targets to the target-specific probes attached to Firefly hydrogel particles. The label step ligates a universal biotinylated adapter to the captured targets. A fluorescent reporter binds to the universal adapter during the report step.


The SureSelect Strand-Specific RNA Library Preparation Kit is designed for whole transcriptome and targeted RNA sequencing. The new kit enables researchers to prepare high-quality, strand-specific libraries for next generation sequencing. The ability to gain valuable strand-specific information from RNA-sequencing experiments allows researchers to more easily discern overlapping transcripts and investigate antisense expression for greater understanding of gene regulation. The kit has been optimized to provide outstanding sequencing performance and uniform coverage of the entire transcript. This is achieved through greater library complexity and less 5'/3' bias, even with small amounts of starting material (as low as 50 ng). The kit has also been designed to be as complete as possible, including master-mixed reagents and a streamlined workflow for less hands-on time and faster results. Strand-specific RNA-sequencing library preparation is the latest addition to Agilent's next generation sequencing/gene-regulation portfolio, which offers the most complete integrated solutions from sample to analysis.


The SMARTer Universal Low Input RNA Kit extends Clontech's next generation sequencing (NGS) solutions to include low input samples of compromised RNA. It combines the patented SMART (Switching Mechanism at 5' End of RNA Template) technology for double-stranded cDNA synthesis with random priming, which facilitates transcriptome sequencing (RNA-Seq) from degraded total RNA samples. Samples acquired via common sample preparation techniques, such as formaldehyde-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue (FFPE) and laser capture microscopy (LCM), often result in a loss of overall sample quality and/or yield. This kit expands the applications of SMART technology to include cDNA synthesis from samples that contain degraded RNA (e.g., FFPE or LCM samples) or nonpolyadenylated RNA. RNA-Seq has revolutionized gene expression profiling, enabling researchers to characterize a cell's entire transcriptional activity at the nucleotide level. The SMART protocol greatly reduces handling of the RNA sample, thereby minimizing the risk of sample loss and preserving the original message.


The new EZ RNA Methylation Kit is specifically designed and optimized for bisulfite conversion of RNA for 5-methylcytosine detection. Zymo Research now makes it easy for scientists to investigate RNA methylation, in addition to many other epigenetic modifications, with the comprehensive suite of products and services for epigenetic analysis, including genome-wide platforms for profiling DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation, and other services such as ChIP-Seq and RNA-Seq. The EZ RNA Methylation Kit opens the door for scientists also to look more closely at the modifications of RNA. Because RNA molecules perform many different functions in cells, ranging from protein translation to gene silencing and enzymatic activity, the potential for biologically relevant changes to RNA is significant. RNA methylation is only one more piece in the complex puzzle of epigenetics and the intricate events that comprise and control gene regulation.

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